Exercise Updates

This was originally posted on my blog healthyadventist.wordpress.com on October 8, 2012

So it’s been a month since my last post and I am ok with that. Because in the last month, I’ve been busy! Not posting because I didn’t have anything to post would have been a terrible excuse. Not posting because I’ve been so active that when I sit, I’m too tired to write. That’s ok in my book.

I know you’re asking yourself what has been keeping me so busy. I’ll share. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do:

8/30 – 4 mile training run along Henry Hudson Park

9/2 – I climbed Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park, VA – 10 mile circular mountain hike/rock scramble covering about 2,000 ft of elevation in 8 hrs. I read this recap of someone else’s experience that I kinda wish I had read before  I started the trek. I still would’ve done the climb but maybe been a little more prepared for it. My hiking buddies were Keiva, Kyla, Kerice and Tanya.
9/6 – 2 mile training run

9/8 – 2 mile training run

9/9 – Ran the Bronx 10 mile race with New York Road Runners. Average pace of 11.5 minutes per mile (It was a really hot and exhausting race)

9/13 – 2.12 mile run

9/15 – 6 mile power walk with Kerice. 15,524 steps.

9/16 – 2.1 mile run in the a.m. 4.5 mile power walk in the p.m. with Kerice.

9/22 Rode 30 miles from Manhattan to Westchester on my new road bike.

9/23 Marched in the Harlem Health Initiative parade – walked about 3.5 miles, ran the last half a mile with one of the kids.

9/24 – 10.25 mile hike on Henry Hudson Parkway – 138 Street to Battery Park City with Kerice.

9/25 – Biked 6.41 miles from the Bronx to Harlem. Kinda scary to ride on the roads at night, too much traffic. I’ll save my road biking for less busy roads.

9/26 ran 1.6 miles. Joint pains. Walked 1.11 miles.

9/30 Ran 3.26 miles.

10/4 Ran/walked 2.48 miles.

10/7  Ran the NYRR Staten Island half-marathon. 13.1 miles. Not adequate preparation. Those last 3 miles were brutal. Average pace of 12 mins per mile for the event, even though I ran the first few miles with an under 10 min per mile. I wanted to set a Personal best but the hills on those last 3 miles got me. And, I shouldn’t have been running because I’m fighting a bad cold and cough but I thought exercise would be a better remedy than rest – shows where my mind is. I’m just glad I finished. it’s my first half-marathon. The longest event I’ve done so far so whatever my time, it’s still a personal best. My Runkeeper tracker says so

Now today, rest!

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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