A Belated Merry Christmas To You


(Originally posted on my blog runwright.weebly.com on 12/27/13)

I haven’t made time to write. Too busy shopping and re-shopping and rethinking all the gifts and buying backup gifts in case I can’t get the gifts I have in mind.
I didn’t make much time for exercise either but then I was also so busy that I skipped some meals and replaced them with sugar.

Suffice it to say the Daniel’s Diet is off the table temporarily. I just have to get back into the habit of eating regular meals at regular hours, instead of the Starbucks soy lattes and gingerbread hot chocolates I have been downing at odd hours to stave off late evening shopping frenzies.
The last few years have gotten hectic as my family and friend list seems to have grown exponentially, and one of the things that happen to you at middle age is all your friends and all your relatives now have kids and you want to “hook everyone up” with Christmas gifts but it’s hard sometimes to remember everyone’s likes and interests and get gifts for everyone without breaking your budget.
A couple months ago as I considered the impact that Christmas shopping would have on my budget, I dubbed this year the 3T Christmas where instead of store-bought expensive gifts, I would give of my Time,Thought and Talent. I planned to make gifts for all the people on my list, as a way to show my love through creative gestures. It was good in theory but the reality was I ended up making one gift… ONE gift, of the tens of gifts that I needed to give. So that didn’t happen. 3T Christmas plan, failed!
I theory, I still think it could work but it requires such careful planning and timeliness that I don’t know if it is possible for a procrastinator such as myself. The 3T Christmas is not something you can just wake up and accomplish on Christmas Eve, unless you plan to bake cookies or cut out stick figures of each of the people on your gift list. So next year, I will start my Christmas planning early.
Like, really early. Like some of the backup gifts that I should return today, I might save in a box to get a head start on my shopping for next year. That would be kinda awesome except if I know myself as well as I think I do, I would probably still buy more. I’ll figure something out. Eventually.
I was showered with gifts from my cousins, one of the best being an Orange and Ginger scrub – my all timefave aromatherapy scent, lots of lotions and perfumes and brooches, a locket from my 10 year old BFF,  and my adult BFF sent my mom an iPad so we could Face-time because he knew that the best gift for me would be time with my family. Awwww.
And the best gift I gave? I wrote my friend, a short story where he was the main character and in which the plot included the 12 days of Christmas. Then I gave him 12 little gifts based on the theme. It might have been the best gift I have ever given. I might retire from gift giving at this point. Don’t know how I could ever top that. Hmmm. Challenge accepted. See what I do next time.
So, no runs to speak of. I’ve just been doing yoga at home and lunges and squats when I watch TV.
Must run soon!
Also, today, I start planning my New Years Resolutions. I believe every moment is a new opportunity to start again but there is something about the New Year that inspires me to replace my bad habits with good ones.
2014 is the year to do things better.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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