Running towards my breakfast

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Running towards my breakfast. What? Food motivates me. The prospect of an indulgent IHOP breakfast was enough to get me out of bed andrunning in muggy weather on what is really the second day of winter but with 70 degree temperatures outside, it’s hard to convince my body that it isn’t really summer. And in summer, running is what I want to do.

I went running with Paul. And yes, even though he hasn’t run for months, he can still outrun me. Skinny people are annoying that way, or maybe I’m just mad that even though I braved running in wintry weather, anytime I take a break, I lose some of my fitness ability. Consistency is key. Breathing properly is necessary. Eating properly is absolutely essential. All factors that I need to work on as my training progresses. More on that later.

Today, we ran up the steps leading from St Nicholas Park to City College and I saw my old school in the midst of their biggest construction project yet. Impressive! Considering that when I started there, it was a big deal for us to get some new furniture in the offices. But that’s a different story for another time. I am so proud of all the changes they are making. Proud to be a CCNY alum! Go purple and gray!

Ran 2 miles and ate only a half of the lowest calorie stuffed crepe that I could find on the menu and now preparing for the best shopping trip that the Target debacle and the resulting debit card caps will allow us to have and later, Fantasy Football’s version of Superbowl Sunday.
And if the rain remains at bay, I might be able to squeeze in another run later, as I run towards my dinner 🙂

(Originally posted on my on 12/22/13)


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