14 in 2014. Resolutions and Goals


Good morning and Happy New Year to all.

I know I am a little late in sharing my New Year’s Resolutions and New Year’s Goals but I totally took the first day of the year off. I hung out with my friends, did a little traveling to New Jersey and now I am back and ready to go. Full steam ahead!

So these are the 7 Resolutions that I will focus on for 2014:

  1. Run at least 4 times every week, minimum mileage of 12 miles per week
  2. Be more organized. Get rid of some of the clutter in my life – physical and mental – to make room for something better (see post https://runwright.net/2013/12/31/give-so-you-can-get-something-better/)
  3. Stop procrastinating. Trade in the last-minute rush by asking for help and making specific plans for projects including timelines and working according to the schedule.
  4. Maintain regular contact with my family members – I am guilty of choosing other things and other people over my family, especially my extended family. This year, I want to be a better daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, niece and cousin.
  5. Eat better. This is a resolution that will constantly evolve as I do the Daniel’s Diet and my favorite almost-vegan diet that I cycle in and out of, and perhaps a juice cleanse sometime. More on that later.
  6. Utilize ALL my talents so I can develop others – currently, I can name talents for writing, teaching and severely-underused, fledgling talents for music and languages. Let’s see what I have gained/developed at the end of 2014. (Progress report – I self-published my book “Growing Up Wright”  on Jan 10, 2014 and I started a Give it 100 project to practice French everyday for 100 days. See my videos here )
  7. Read more lasting things – I like to read news articles on the road but I should really invest time in reading more of the non-fiction books that I really love.

These are my 7 Fitness Goals for 2014:

  1. Run a sub-2 hr half marathon
  2. Run a sub-4 hr marathon
  3. Run races in 5 different states
  4. Run a minimum of 600 miles in 2014
  5. Run a 5K at a 8 mile pace
  6. Complete my first century on my road bike – NY Campagnolo Gran Fondo or NY Century
  7. Bike a minimum of 500 miles in 2014

7 Resolutions and 7 Goals. 14 in 2014!

Notice the lack of weight loss goals in my lists? That’s because I think that when you workout regularly and eat well, when you are not stressed from procrastinating so you have to stay up all night to finish a project, when you are setting goals and meeting them and you aren’t hiding from your cousins because you missed the last 3 family events, when you are able to come home to a sanctuary because you’ve gotten rid of the junk that’s been cluttering every available tabletop and corner and now you are surrounded by things you really love and really need, when you are happy and fulfilled and satisfied, then your natural weight emerges and whatever that weight happens to be for me, I will be happy with it. I just hope that it’s a weight that allows me to wear my size 2 jeans 🙂

Happy 2014 all!

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  1. Very well thought out plans for 2014. Wishing you the best!



    1. runwright says:

      Thank you! All the positive comments keep me motivated. Keep them coming, please 🙂


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