Alive and loving it

Black ice still on the streets.
Heading out for a winter run. Yes, that is snow on the ground behind me.
30 degrees in the city but the snow hasn’t all melted from the streets

I went out for a lunch time run. Mid-run, I paused to take a photo and accidentally paused my Runkeeper app so it only recorded the first 1.66 miles. But I know what I did! And I feel so proud! I ran about 3 miles on sidewalks and up little hills and finished with 3 loops around the little park across the street. Close to 3 miles running in 30 degree weather feels like quite an accomplishment. later, I will post the photos I snapped of ice blocks still hanging out on the sidewalk and ice puddles blocking my path. For now, I am just reveling in this feeling – like an athlete, like a person who can do anything.

here’s hoping you do something today that makes you feel “ALIVE AND LOVING IT” too.

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  1. Marsha says:

    Glad you’re keeping up with this! My “alive and loving it” activity today was cleaning house 😉 Don’t laugh… it’s great therapy.


    1. runwright says:

      No laughter. I clean when I am thinking about stuff, too. That and running are my sure-fire therapeutic moves. So if I have a “situation”, I clean the apt and go for a run so when I come back, the adrenaline is pumping and I have a nice, clean space to chill out in.


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