When You Want To Do More Than Just Order French Fries – Give It 100

i love french

Wanna give 100 percent?  Give it 100 is a website where you make a goal that you want to work on for 100 days, you upload 10 second videos of yourself working on that goal everyday, and at the end of 100 days, you should have made some awesome progress.

I had already made my resolutions & goals when I heard of this project (thanks for sharing, Curvy Road Runner), so I decided to incorporate the project into one of my resolutions.

My general resolution was to use and further develop my gifts and talents, one of which is languages. When I was in college for my Master’s Degree, I took a semester of French just for fun, because I didn’t have enough to do -working full time and going to school full time wasn’t enough for me {haha} and I had always wanted to learn French. Anyway, I bought a French textbook, attended a class, learned to write and speak a little of the language, created a short movie in French, wrote some cool French poetry that actually won me an award and some money in school and then I finished the program and proceeded to work on forgetting everything I learned. The most French I speak most days is to order French fries.

Cut to today. I just made my first 10 second video and am looking forward to making tomorrow’s video where I get to show my 24 hours worth of progress. I’m giving it 100!

learn french

Hope you will be interested enough to click here to check out my videos and then to create your own. When you do it, send me your link. I’d love to see your funny videos too. So we can grow together.

Growth doesn’t happen overnight and we have to be willing to go through the learning process. And remember, PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT!

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