Redefine LOL and LIVE OUT LOUD


ImageA couple days ago, I posted on Facebook that I am redefining the meaning of LOL in my life.

Yeah, I’ve texted LOL countless times to indicate that something is funny or even sometimes, when I found something just mildly humorous, but I wanted to encourage the person who would be reading my email/text.

Then, last week, I understood the beauty of my life on a deeper level. No, my life isn’t perfect, far from it. There are a myriad of comforts and luxuries I wish I had and I could choose to focus on the things I lack, but instead, I choose to celebrate the things I DO HAVE. I am alive, I live in on the greatest cities in the world, I have so many people in my life who love me, support me, validate me,  I am healthy enough to run everyday if I want to. If I am hungry, it is by choice because I am fasting or preparing for a special meal. I have a voice and people who listen to or read my expressions. I am free to stand on the mountaintop and shout Hallelujah without worrying that my life will be in jeopardy. MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! And because I believe beauty should be celebrated, I decided to express my joy publicly so people would be able to experience my happiness too. I decided to LIVE OUT LOUD.Image

LIVING OUT LOUD means expressing your appreciation for the things you have instead of mourning the things you don’t. LIVING OUT LOUD means dancing even if you don’t have a partner. LIVING OUT LOUD sometimes means talking about your blessings loud enough so your neighbors can hear your worship and see God too. LIVING OUT LOUD means giving money to someone who asked even if it’s just a dollar because you never know what that dollar could mean to them, and then praying that God will bless the cash to fulfill their need.

LIVING OUT LOUD means being confident in what you have to say – people are going to hear and know what you are thinking; you can’t hide behind a shout the way you can with a whisper, but then a whisper doesn’t have a large audience. So LIVING OUT LOUD means you will have an audience.

Are you ready to LIVE OUT LOUD? Can you handle the scrutiny? Are you comfortable with who you are? Can you live in the proverbial glass house where everyone can see what you are up to? Are you ready to LIVE OUT LOUD? 


What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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