Why I Feel The Way I Do


This is what I had for lunch yesterday. This is what I ate when I felt hungry enough to eat a burger and fries and onion rings. This is what I ate when I felt scared by the weather and just wanted something warm and filling. This is what I ate when I missed my Mommy and just wanted to taste something that reminded me of home – because cooking can do that.

It’s called Fish Tea in Jamaica but it’s not a tea at all. Rather it is a soup – a delicious fish broth that is infused with all the root vegetables you have on hand, all the herbs in your pantry and all the bright vegetables in your fridge. And it’s good! It’s one of the dishes my Mommy is excellent at making and so every time I make it, I remember being a kid, standing in the kitchen, watching her.

So this is what I had for lunch yesterday and this is why today, I feel the way I do… which is FANTASTIC! (Although I still miss my Mommy)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mummy Wright says:

    Love you LOTS and Lots AND LOTS!!!
    So very proud of you and it goes without say: I MISS YOU SO MUCH MORE!!!
    Keep on, keeping on.


  2. runwright says:

    AWWW. My Mommy!


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