Boom. Boom. Boomerang

ImageLike a boomerang, I’ve been throwing it out, hoping it returns better & stronger. Violates every engineering principle I know but… still I hoped.

I have a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. Academically, I KNOW that matter cannot be created or destroyed, yet I am in my living room, running in place and lifting weights and doing lunges, hoping for the parts of my matter that sag over my waistband to somehow be destroyed – disappear, matter, DISAPPEAR!

A good part of my undergrad training was spent exploring energy concepts. But the first thing we learn about science in elementary school is the conservation of energy – energy cannot be created or destroyed, just that its form changes. Yet, I invest energy in my workouts, hoping not to get just what I put in, but that somehow the meagre energy I expend at pushups will magically quadruple in effect. I am hoping that for every pushup, I will be rewarded with 1000 calories worth of energy loss 😦

And you… Have you grasped the concept? It’s not an easy one to accept but if you don’t acknowledge it, you can’t work at it. So at some point, you, me, we, WE ALL have to decide that we want better so we can start out by doing better.

How has your fitness been? How do you feel about your job? Are your goals being realized? What about social activities? Are you making new friends and creating deeper relationships? What if you recognized and accepted that what you do limits what you get in return? What if the way you approached your job dictated the way you get paid? What if the way you treated your physical appearance defined the way people react to you and treat you?

Unfortunately, some things are real whether we accept them or not. Because that IS the way life works.

The gung-ho kid in class, the one who always raises his hand to answer questions, that’s the kid who the teacher assumes always knows the answer so he treats the kid like a smart kid, reading his essays with a different expectation, so his writing always seems brilliant, meriting a better grade overall. But that’s the kid who read the chapters ahead of time, studying when his friends were goofing off. Better investment, better return. The co-worker who always stops by your desk to say something nice or crack a joke, the seemingly-perpetual smile on his face makes you look at him differently and when you spy him making a beeline for your desk or find yourself next to him by the coffee-pot, you start anticipating the joke or light moment that will result and you treat him differently. You even offer him some of that delicious creamer you just bought and didn’t plan to share with anyone. But that’s the guy who, no matter what he’s going through in his personal life, decided he would think about something nice to say to you and brighten your day. So when he gets to work in the morning, he spends those first few minutes doing a devotional or browsing motivational Memes instead of reading celebrity gossip. Better investment, better return.

Whether we like it or not, there are laws that define our lives and all our social interactions. Enthusiasm begets enthusiasm. Smiles beget more smiles. Generosity makes others want to give too.. to give back to you, and to others. Love begets love. Kindness begets kindness. Attitudes cannot be created or destroyed but can morph form depending on what you invest in the situation.

If I want extreme results, I have to invest extreme effort. If I invest mediocre amounts, I must prepare myself to receive mediocre results too. The law is constant.  Same principle for my relationships, my investments, my job, my prayer-life, my education, my exercise regimen, my entire life. What I put in will impact what I get out.

So when I toss my boomerang, I get to decide what comes back to me. Flimsy toss, flimsy return. But I want a big return so I am making the big investment… Must. Do. More. Pushups.

Prayer is awesome but faith without works is dead. Make the big investment today!

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  1. Mummy Wright says:

    I am in awe. How did I get such a brilliant, deep-thinker for a daughter?


    1. runwright says:

      Awww. Mummy, everything I am, I got from you. Didn’t you read my book, Growing Up Wright? It’s all you, Mom!


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