She Did It

ImageIf a woman gets up at dawn, battles the ice and freezing temperatures to stand in the park to and cheer on the half-marathoners, does she make a noise?

She does, if she’s cheering at the NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half-Marathon in Central Park.

It was less than 20 degrees, with fresh snow on the ground and ice on the sidewalks, and even while i was getting dressed, I debated whether I needed to go. I wasn’t registered to run, so I wouldn’t be forfeiting an entry fee or garnering a DNR (Did Not Run) on my record. I didn’t have any close friends in the event and I hadn’t signed up as a volunteer. I didn’t NEED to go. No one would miss me if I didn’t show up. So I didn’t HAVE to go to the race.

Except that I’d tweeted on Friday that I would show up and cheer and a few of my Twitter followers had said “Yes” they were running and I had promised to come.

So that was it. I had given my word. And what’s a woman, if her word means nothing?

ImageSo I showed up, with a quick makeshift sign, and stood by the side, watching the runners, showing my sign, and screaming “Go Runners!”, “You can do it!”, “Looking great!” and “You’re doing a good job!” intermittently for about an hour while the runners ran two full laps of the Central Park loop.ImageAnd while I was there, I saw the woman who will inspire my exercise regimen for the rest of this week. She was wearing one regular sneaker and a fitted boot on her other foot, and a pair of crutches, and plastic sleeves to protect her arms from the freezing weather.

This woman had challenges but she was RUNning in the half-marathon. if anyone had an excuse not to run, it was her. If anyone had an excuse to stop, it was her. But she hadn’t cashed in her excuse card; she had chosen to RUN instead. And she was RUNning fast! When I saw her approaching, I was standing around the bend and by the time I maneuvered my phone from my pocket and took a picture, she was so far away I didn’t have a good shot. So I had the bright idea to run and try to catch her. And that’s when I realized how hard it was to overtake her. Fact is, I only got the photo because she stopped at the water station. She wasn’t just stumbling along; she was RUNning, and RUNning fast!

That’s RUNWRIGHT. Doing what you need to do, doing what you’ve committed to doing, just doing what you should do, without excuses.

This week, I want to RUNWRIGHT. Do you?


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  1. Paul says:

    She did it! She made no excuses, she didn’t allow an obvious challenge to prevent her from accomplishing a goal. This is a lesson for all of us to be determined and overcome things that could hinder us from doing great things.


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks, Paul. Let’s all strive to RUNWRIGHT in all aspects of our lives.


    2. runwright says:

      Yup. That’s what I thought. I was inspired and hoped that by sharing, you would be too.


  2. Mummy Wright says:

    A great inspiration indeed. We all can do greater things than we ever dreamed we could, if only we just get going.


  3. That’s a pretty amazing story! And, so awesome that you were out there cheering on your twitter peeps!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks for reading, Lisa! I love meeting my run-friends and as you see, I got so much out of being there for that run. Races are amazing whether you’re running them or just cheering the runners along. I encourage other people to volunteer or go to support whenever they can.


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