Is She Healthy At That Weight?

I watched the Biggest loser finale last night and I applaud the ability to workout and lose weight and get healthy. But I think Rachel going from 260 pounds to 105 pounds is unhealthy and unrealistic. Maybe because I expected to see some muscle tone and curves on her, like Danni last season. If this winner did it healthily, then kudos to her.
I am not an expert on weight loss, but I think working out as they did all season on the show they presented to us should produce muscles, not skin and bones. So my concern is that I think it went a bit too far left, a departure from normal, a desire to achieve some goal, at any cost, for whatever reason. And that, I cannot applaud.
My friend reminded me that since the show happens under the supervision of a medical team, it is all healthy. But does all of it happen that way?
You’ve probably heard the rumors or seen the tabloids, questioning whether all the weight loss methods on BL are legitimate. If you’ve been watching this show for years, you will remember that sometimes the contestants weight loss or lack thereof are surprising. And that’s when the questions arise, what did they do to manipulate the scales? Are they trying to get healthy or playing the game? And let’s aim some of these questions at the show itself? Is there pressure from the producers to produce a certain result? After all, this is a TV show, not a gym. There are contracts and ratings to be considered.
Are we hypocritical to judge her, or anyone else for doing something extreme for money? If we are honest, we’ve probably also done things for money that we don’t want to judged by.
I remember a couple seasons ago when one of the contestants drank water, maybe gallons of water, to increase his weight because he had some kind of immunity and he wanted to show an even bigger loss at the next weigh-in. There have been rumors of diet pills and weight loss supplements. Who knows whether any of that actually happens.
As for Rachel, I don’t want to cast aspersions and say she did or she didn’t. I watched her complete that triathlon last week and was inspired at how strong she looked. I celebrated her success as I watched her return to the athleticism of her past. And then a time lapse later, I see her at 105 pounds, all that gorgeous muscle tone, GONE, and I suppose I am just shocked, and hoping she will gain back a LITTLE weight.
Dear Rachel, sure, 260 pounds was unhealthy but, I think, so is 105. Can we maybe settle somewhere in between? At a healthy weight that allows you to have muscle definition instead of wrinkles at age 24. Rachel, I celebrate your success but I want you to be able to celebrate as well, in a healthy way. Girls with muscles can be cool too. Lots of love and support, from RUNWRIGHT.

What about you? Are you a Biggest Loser Fan? What did you think about the results?

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