What It Takes To Run/Walk 8.49 Miles In The Snow

So today I ran/walked 8.49 miles in the snow! I am amazed that I can say that.

IMG_61758.49 miles wasn’t my plan. It wasn’t my goal. In fact, what I really wanted from the outing was just a chance to hang out with Samantha, my friend who was my bike buddy last summer and who has proclaimed that she is not a runner but she will come out to walk with me. So we made a plan to meet and walk – power walk, maybe, and I said “Ok, you walk and I will run slowly beside you.”

We walked from her apt. to Central Park 110th Street entrance, marveling at the postcard picture quality pics we could take on our iPhones. (The snow hanging on the trees made for a beautiful backdrop.) And then we started to run/walk, first with a plan to go to the reservoir and back and before we knew it, we were at Strawberry Hills and she asked me, “Are we almost at the reservoir?”, the same reservoir we had passed about a mile and a half back. So we turned around and chased each other back to the entrance.

My Nike Fitness watch was blank by that time, not having been sufficiently charged, but my Runkeeper app informed me that we had just done about 6.5 miles when we left the park. I kept it on and by the time I ran home, I had a 8.49 mile record to keep me company.

Finally running downhill

I feel like now I can feed my grandchildren my own version of  that famous line, “When I was your age, I ran 8 miles in the snow, uphill, both ways”, and it would be true, because that Central Park route is indeed uphill both ways. But it was fun.

At the halfway point

It was the best outdoor workout I’ve had since 2014, and although I am looking forward to warm weather and more opportunities to do long runs, I feel accomplished today, now that I ran/walked 8.49 miles in the snow.


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