Running So Fast That You Catch A Cold

I’ve been feeling the bug. The cold bug, that is. I haven’t had a cold in about a year. Me! In the past, it seemed like I used to catch every cold that went around. In fact, I remember one of my friends telling me not to run so fast next time, because if I slow down, the cold might outrun me.

And then, finally, here I was, feeling healthy, proud of my months cold-free, well if you don’t count the cold weather outside. And then a couple nights ago, I felt the start of the scratchy throat. This is the point when people might advise to “take something” but I am averse to taking medication unless I have to. So I tried to double up on my fruits and vegetables. And exercise to speed up my metabolism. And rest.

But this morning, I woke up with the sniffles and that feeling like, I don’t really want to go anywhere or do anything. But I pushed through, I forced myself to go out and do my errands, and act like I was fine. And then in the afternoon, I ran to the park and back – about 3.5 miles. And the view in Central Park was beautiful. I could see the sun setting over ice. The frozen lake looks like a water surface. And this picture reminds me of a view of sunset over the Caribbean Sea, seen from Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica. Just about 70 degrees temperature difference between these two places right now. Aaah, home.


Anyway, now, I feel better. The run cleared my head, allowed me to reassemble my thoughts, and gave me that extra boost to fight the cold.

So instead of running so fast that I catch a cold, maybe I ran so fast I outran the cold.

My conclusion: Whatever the problem, running helps.


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  1. run100run says:

    Id love if u followed my running journey


  2. Working out always helps me feel better if I’m feeling a bit sick. Unless I’m really truly sick, then I have to rest.


  3. runwright says:

    Yeah. We really have to be careful and exercise judgment on whether the run will do us good or make us worse. I am not so good with tempering that.


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