Only Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara Can Look Forward And Look Back Simultaneously

Looking BackLast week, I worked out twice outdoors. One 8.5 mile run/walk and a 3.5 mile run for a combined 12 outdoor miles. Overall not bad, but running twice per week is not my plan, cannot be my plan if I my goal is to run a half- marathon in a few months and the NYC marathon in November. Of course, I can always blame the snow and icy conditions for not going out more frequent but I am running for my health, not trying to see which excuses will fly.

Also this week, I tried to keep my added-sugar down to a minimum. When I eat processed foods, I keep track of the sugar-per-serving number on the label – I am aiming to eat no more than 24 grams of sugar in each 24 hour cycle. Today, Sabbath, I had more sugar than usual but I think since it was Sabbath, that it’s not just a day of rest from work but also a day of rest from restrictions 🙂 My friend gave me a sugar bun and it was so good, a rare treat, because although I like sweet stuff, I don’t usually buy those large, decadent buns for myself. And on my way to Masterguide Investiture in Connecticut today, I devoured it while wearing a big smile on my face. But overall, I think I am getting a better handle on my cravings for candy and soda. This morning, in the meeting room, I reached in the snack jar and pulled out a candy cane before I reminded myself, “Oh, I don’t need that”, and put it back. The habit is hard to break, even when the craving isn’t as strong. Thank God for willpower!

Last week, I wasn’t methodical with my exercise/diet routine. Like I said, I tried to go running and I did some strength training and aerobics at home but I know I have to decide on a regimen and try to stick to it. I need to make plans for exercise and eating, not just reaction to situations.

Looking Forward: Unfortunately, a quick glance at the iPhone weather app informs me that the weather is not expected to be very warm next week. A low of 9 degrees (9!?!) is expected on Tuesday, with more snow on Thursday. So I have to expect another challenging week for running outdoors. I guess I have to play it by ear or by fear again.

ImageI made a training plan on the Garmin site (I have a Nike Fitness watch but the Garmin plan seemed to work better with my schedule). Unfortunately, now that I am trying to sync the training plan into my Excel spreadsheet, it seems I’ve lost it. I can always go back to the one I uploaded from Runners World  so no sweat with that. I am working toward a 16-week plan, which puts me at half-marathon readiness in the beginning of May. I have to find a race around that time and register for it to make this real. The NYRR Brooklyn Half is on May 17th but that’s a Saturday and I don’t race on Saturdays. So I will look around for something else.

Living Now: Only Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara can look forward and look back simultaneously. And I don’t want to live in the past or live in the future. I want to occupy this moment, and do everything I can today. Today, I am still battling a bit of the sniffles and I think some good physical rest will do me good. Must be rested in order to #RUNWRIGHT.

Learn from the past, maximize the opportunities today and get ready to do better and be better tomorrow. Live Wright, RUNWRIGHT

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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