Seven Days A Week, Even On Sundays

Seven days a week, take a vitamin with your meal. That’s the prescription given to me by my doctor, Dr. Mom. Image

So as you know, I’m battling a cold. It probably didn’t get better from me running in the snow last week, but honestly, you’ve heard the saying that you never regret a workout and I don’t. There is no way to determine if I wouldn’t have gotten sick anyway so I choose to believe the running did me more good than harm so if I had to do it all over again, I probably wouldn’t change a thing.


But here we are today, and the cold is upon me and I am acting on my mom’s “strong encouragement” to take cold medicine and multivitamins. My mom’s advice is always best so when she told me to get vitamins and cold medicine, I just went and bought them. I got Dayquil so I could keep working and a four month supply of Centrum. I’ve taken multivitamins before but I usually avoid any medication or supplements that I have to take everyday. Makes me think of being sick, which I work so hard to try to avoid.

I’ve been operating under the premise that if I eat a balanced diet, then I shouldn’t need multivitamins. See, I believe that God created everything we need, before He made us. Read the creation story in Genesis if you don’t believe me. All our food sources were made before we were made. But the truth is that we don’t eat balanced diets all the time.

These are some of the reasons we don’t eat balanced diets:

  1. We’re trying a new fad diet, a juice cleanse or a low carb or low fat or low-whatever diet. Because, sometimes we focus on one part of the diet to the extent another part is ignored.
  2. Lent is approaching and during this time, many people I know do some kind of fast – some people fast all day and eat one meal in the evening. Unless the plate is designed by a nutritionist, it’s very unlikely that a single meal will deliver all the nutrients that you need for that day. More likely, the meal will be centered around carbs and sugars to replace energy and protein to stave off the hunger pangs for the next fasting session. It’s hard to get all the vegetables and fruits you need in one sitting and those are the parts of the plate that usually get bypassed, fruits and vegetables, the most accessible sources of most of the vitamins and minerals we need.
  3. Maybe we’re too busy to plan out a diet or even when we’ve planned, maybe we’re too busy to shop and prepare all those meals we need to eat every day to get that balanced diet. The fast fix is to go for fave takeout or a fast food meal. But when you don’t prepare your own food, it’s hard to determine if you’re getting everything you need. Chances are, you’re not.
  4. Finance. You’ve watched Dr. Oz. You know some of those super-foods that he says you need to eat everyday. And a lot of them are EXPENSIVE. Or not available anywhere you’ve ever shopped. That’s just the reality.
  5. And then there is that one perfect day, the day we pre-plan and shop for and prepare our balanced meals and we eat every thing we’re supposed to, and at then end of the day, we congratulate ourselves on eating well and then the next day, we just can’t even imagine having to do it all again so we eat whatever we can manage from the list and by day three, we’re back to your regular fare.
  6. Or… And this is the big one. For the past couple years, I’ve been researching US agricultural methods and how new methods affect the quality of foods that is available to us. A lot of the foods that are available in the supermarkets and grocery stores, and the produce that goes into processed foods, a lot of those grains and seeds and vegetables and fruits are genetically engineered, meaning some characteristic has been modified, sometimes to the detriment of another characteristic. The research is ongoing, the conclusions are as varied as the groups that fund the studies, but what we can agree on is that we don’t know everything and only time will reveal the long term effects of genetic modification.

ImageThe one conclusion from all 6 items on this list is that no matter how much of the right things we eat and regardless of how much we pay for high quality foods, we are never 100 percent sure that we are getting everything we need.

Which is why I am so happy that today my second opinion doctor, Dr. Oz, concurred with the prescription from Dr. Mom. With perfect timing, on today’s show, Dr. Oz had a segment where he discussed multivitamins. And he reiterated, the multivitamin is a supplement, not a replacement, so we should be doing our best to get all the nutrients we need from natural sources, but the multivitamin is like a plug for those accidental holes in our diet. And then he said the thing that made his case for me – he said, “Personally, I take a multivitamin every day and so do my family members.” And that’s what I was waiting to hear. Because if it’s good enough for America’s doctor, it’s good enough for me.

So just a caution as you go shopping, check the label to ensure your multivitamin contains Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, Potassium, Zinc and Iodine. Dr. Oz also recommends that we split the dose and take half in the morning and half in the evening. My Centrum dose is one tablet and I don’t believe in cutting tablets so I will have to bypass that recommendation. Maybe next time, I can get another type but for now, the emphasis is on getting it in. Check your label for % DV, which tells you how much of what you need daily is included in the supplement. Our bodies naturally excrete whatever nutrients we don’t need, so if you pay more for a vitamin that costs 300% DV, that’s just a waste of money.

Now that I’m convinced, I am actually pretty excited to start my new multivitamin regimen. My Centrum packaging “promises” to provide Vitamin C and E to help protect my body from the effects of physical stress.

And I’ve been working on creating my half-marathon training plan which promises physical stress as I increase my mileage to about 30 miles per week. I am looking forward to the added protection. Multivitamins. Seven days a week, even on Sunday.

Maybe this is the next layer I need to #RUNWRIGHT.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are mine alone and I do not speak on behalf of the Dr. Oz show, Dayquil, Centrum or GMOs. The information in this blog is not to be used as a substitute for a visit with your doctor. I am not being paid to advertise on behalf of Centrum and I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of their product. I chose Centrum and Dayquil much the way I choose other things – they are brands I have used in the past and I had a coupon for $6 off Centrum, which I thought was pretty awesome. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post! I eat a very balanced diet and I’m probably getting all (or most) I need from real food, however I do take a multi.


  2. Mummy Wright says:

    Very Good. We all need a healthy diet but a back up is very necessary and wise


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks. I am trying.


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