It’s Like I’ve Never Been Sick Before

Me, finding out that coughing and sneezing is as demanding as a full time job

I don’t like being sick. I can’t go outside, I can’t run, I can’t go shopping, I can’t go to work, I can’t go play in the snow. I was hoarse for a couple days so I couldn’t talk. Even now, my voice has returned, kind of, but I have to try to speak louder than normal to be heard over the phone, and it just feels like an effort.

I had a plan. A whole 14 week half marathon training plan that was supposed to start last weekend. I did a lot of research on training plans, read training plans from Runners World, Garmin, Nike and various trainers I found online. Finally, after much debate back and forth, I decided on a plan from Coach Jenny. I created an EXCEL sheet, I made sure I was putting in the before-miles, getting the requisite 3 to 4 workouts per week that I would need before I started The Plan.

And then, suddenly, my throat started to itch, I developed an awareness of my tonsils and parts of my sinuses that I usually don’t have to think about. My nose started to run even when I wasn’t standing outside in the cold. My voice started to crack, people had difficulty hearing me although I could hear my voice and other people’s voices ringing in my ears. And I realized I was tearing up without having watched a sappy commercial on TV. And still, I ignored the signs, happily uploading my training plan, making slight adjustments to the schedule so the weekly day off would coincide with Saturday, when I celebrate the Sabbath. I color coded my Excel spreadsheet, started my food diary, shopped for my first week of training fuel and got ready to run.

I got up on Sunday, ready to spend the morning with my Pathfinder group, then get a training run in before I had to go meet my cousins. I was ready to run, or so I thought. I got my running gear together so I could get in, change, and get out and do it!

And then somewhere in the middle of that, I realized, I was sick. Running wasn’t going to happen.

So I shrugged it off. It was the 24 hour bug. It had to be! I thought, “I’ll just defer running today and by tomorrow, I’ll be better and I can just make up the miles.”

And then tomorrow came, and I was still sick. Sicker even.

So my mom called, concerned, and she told me to get medication. So like the good patient I was trying to be, I bought it, and took it, swallowed down the multivitamin she recommended. And went to sleep, convinced that tomorrow, yeah definitely TOMORROW, I would be better and the weather would be good and I could run.

And then tomorrow came and I was even worse. And that’s when I finally realized. I was sicker than I wanted to be. Sicker than I thought I could be. I mean, it is just a cold. But it was a cold. And I couldn’t run. Still can’t run.

So now, i am in recovery mode. My mileage log empty, my running gear in the same place I left it in my room because I’ve been too dejected to put it away. I can’t be a runner if I’m not running.

So finally I did what I had been dreading all along, I did what I didn’t want to do, I just opened up my EXCEL spreadsheet and cut the cells for my training plan and pasted them in the cells that correspond to one week later. So now, instead of last Sunday, Feb 9th, my training is scheduled to start next Sunday, February 16th.

I really hope I am better by then. Because I am supposed to be in Albany for a workshop next week and I really want to carry my workout gear and I would hate to lug extra stuff that I can’t use. And although I’ve lived in NY for years, I’ve never stayed in Albany and I would love to go running on the street of the state’s capital.

And I really miss running.

Did you get sick this winter? DId it derail any of your plans (training plans or otherwise)?

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  1. Mummy Wright says:

    Very sorry, you are still not better enough to run. I know how disappointed you are. But there is always a bright side to every disappointment, if only we knew. Don’t feel too bad and don’t give up your dreams.


  2. runwright says:

    Thanks, Mummy. I won’t give up.


  3. Feel well soon. Being sick sucks but you are still a runner. I would jump to the second week of your training plan and skip the first week, instead of the last one (if you have a half scheduled in 13 weeks).


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks for the advice but I think it was just symbolic to move the training start date 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be back at it soon.


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