Hey There Sugar, I Gotta Leave You

More on going sugar-less. So I told you that I received an awesome copy of the 21Day Sugar Detox Book from my blog-friend Margot at Brooklyn Fit Chick.Image

Prior to receiving the book, I looked it up online and thought I would receive the Guidebook but when I got the gift, I realized that it was the Cookbook. I love recipes so the cookbook is perfect for me. It has meal plans for all 21 days and suggestions for building your own meals using the ideas in the guidebook. The cookbook has a short reminder from the guidebook and a 5 question survey to determine which Level you start on:

  • Level 1 – Beginners
  • Level 2 – Intermediate, if you’ve done the detox before
  • Level 3 – Advanced, you’ve done the detox before and you generally eat a restricted diet like Paleo, grain-free, vegan, etc.

On each level, there are modifications for persons who are pescetarians, or who have auto-immune issues, or who have higher energy needs, because of high impact exercises or physically demanding jobs.

So the premise of the book is not just to stop adding sugar but that there are other carbs that are good and some that are bad. Good carbs carry vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates. Bad carbs have high glycemic index and cause high spikes in blood sugar which leave you feeling hungry and craving more sugar, more carbs.

The book is unique in that it discourages the use of artificial sweeteners (which I personally abhor). Lots of foods are naturally sweet and the book’s premise is that we should utilize them to sweeten things naturally rather than using chemically produced sweeteners.

These are some of the tips to get through the Sugar Detox:

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Have the right foods on hand to make tasty, healthier versions of favorite meals
  4. Encourage friends to detox too
  5. Get enough protein to avoid feeling hungry and constantly wanting to snack on chips and cookies between meals
  6. Use leftover meals to make Detox-worthy snacks

I love the Detox because it allows me to eat full-fat cheese (i love cheese!) even though I don’t eat nearly as much cheese as I used to. It’s just wonderful not to have to worry about eating it sometimes. Most vegetables are allowed. Exceptions are the starchy root vegetables like cassava and potatoes and corn (is corn even a vegetable?) while melons like squash and pumpkins are limited to one serving per day.The cookbook also prescribes that grains be gluten-free only and max of 1/2 cup per day. Approved Grains include Rice, Quinoa, Chickpeas, Lentils, and Beans. What IS allowed is a whole page of YES foods:


What I don’t love about the detox is that potatoes are NOT allowed. Also most fruits are banned and I love fruits. I love eating tangerines and Fuji Apples and blueberries. But the only approved fruits are bananas, green apples, lemons and limes. Hmmm. Okay. Maybe I can still do this.

In anticipation of the detox, I made the most delicious dinner yesterday that I thought was heading towards being Detox-compatible. Alas, it wasn’t but it was still delicious. Roasted squash and potatoes, baked chicken breast, slices of avocado) good fats. 


Lunch today was a Masala Vegetable burger patty from Trader Joes, diced and sauteed with spinach and baked potato chunks with goat cheese crumbles. Delicious! But sadly, also not Detox-approved. I love these Vegetable patties, made from real vegetables that you can identify.


I find that lots of Trader Joes have simple ingredients list, like this one. I like that it’s a Vegetable burger, with real vegetables, instead of mechanically stretched soy, etc.



My lunch.

So, it seems I eat a lot of potatoes. The detox might require more of a change than I first thought. 

Ah well, seems I will have to go food-shopping for the detox. Trader Joes, here I come.




10 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like a good plan, although I personally believe in adapting whichever program to what works for you.


    1. runwright says:

      Agreed. This is just an experiment, to see how sugar has been affecting me thus far and the benefits of the detox. Since I started cutting down, I don’t get the cravings I used to so I am interested in seeing the full results. I don’t plan to live sugar free forever. Chocolate is too interesting for me to stay away for good.


  2. Laura says:

    I did this in Jan (minus the meat) and it was tough – but really good, I think! Good luck!


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks, Laura. I’ll need it.


  3. pugrunaholic says:

    Good luck!! I’m not sure I could do this, I love my sugar!


    1. runwright says:

      Not sure I can do it either 🙂


      1. pugrunaholic says:

        I’m sure you will do great! You have some will power! 😉


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