Eating Honestly And Unburying Ourselves From Snow

This reminds me of a period around Thanksgiving 2012. I was in a little phase where I was really into greek yoghurt, Pumpkin spiced granola and fruit for breakfast. I used to buy the large tub of greek yoghurt and a bag of Pumpkin spiced granola from Trader Joes and leave them at work so I could make breakfast at my desk. It was a great breakfast. Delicious. But it feels like I would never add the right proportions of granola to yoghurt so I would always end up with some yoghurt at the bottom of the bowl so I would add just a little more granola but then it would be too much and it’s a little dry so I would add a little more yoghurt. And before I knew it, I had eaten several servings worth of the unending bowl.
My advice. Read the label, make the appropriate serving size and put the bags/cartons away so there is no temptation to top up the bowl.
And this is another trick I’ve used to control portions when I’m eating at home. After I’ve prepared a meal and served myself, I wash the dishes BEFORE I eat. If all the serving spoons are put away, I am hesitant to serve myself seconds just because I want to avoid having to wash anything other than my plate and fork. No guarantees, but it worked for me. It might work for you.

Running On Healthy

Portion sizes are my downfall! Portion sizes are my downfall!

There is a secret your trainers might not be telling you.  They might be holding out.  All those workouts you are doing with your trainer aren’t really going to have a full impact on your fitness unless you are eating a healthy diet.  In fact, eating well is almost a bigger determinant of reaching your fitness or weight goals than exercise.  I used to think that running a lot and doing tons of workouts was the key to being slim.  I would run 10 miles and then spend 2 hours at the gym and then gripe that I was sticking to the same weight or even gaining. Truth is, I was lying to myself.  I was eating healthy foods but I had issues with lying part.  It would start in the morning.  I would look at my cereal box and see that 3/4 of a cup…

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