Powers of Three

I’ve been writing for years and blogging for… well, less years, but I’ve only been at WordPress for a few months. And when I made the transition from my other blogs to WordPress, it was more so to take advantage of the cool features I had already seen from visiting other WordPress blogs. I spent time trying to customize my page but not as much time investigating what else WP had to offer. So I might be really late to this feature but I just happened upon the DP Challenge and I think it’s great! WP understands that bloggers, like all other writers, who although they want to share a story, sometimes have no idea what that story is or the words to express the story. Those in the know refer to that terribly frustrating state as writers block. So the good folks at WP came up with a writing challenge. Don’t know what to write this week? Take the DP Challenge. Each week, they give a writing prompt and how you use that inspiration can become your next blog post.

This week, the challenge is about Threes and I decided to share 3 of my favorite photos and they story they tell. And because I like to add a level of complexity to the challenge, each of the three photos will have another three reference, which I will explain as I tell the stories.


In this photo, I am about eight years old and surrounded by the three (another three reference) most important people in my life – my parents and my older brother, Mark. Almost three decades later (another three reference), I can remember this day like it was yesterday. We are in St Ann on Jamaica’s north coast and we have taken a road trip to the north coast to visit two of my mother’s brothers – Uncle Keith, who was a police officer, and Uncle Larry, who worked at the hotel where this pic was taken. 



This second photo was taken about three years ago (another three reference) and is of me and three (another one) of my favorite ex-roommates. This photo was taken after one of the favorites, Becks, moved to London and came back for a short visit and we all went to indulge in sushi and dessert on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We had all just entered a new era in our lives but it was very nostalgic to go back in time and spend an afternoon together. And before we parted company, we sat on the steps of a random church and took this photo so that afternoon could be immortalized in our memory. I miss these ladies and we’re all in NYC again. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get together again soon.



And third, this is image 3333 (another reference) on my computer. Totally random but it shows me in my element, last summer, wearing a green M&M shirt while I eat my favorite candy, (Green) peanut M&Ms. 

Random, I know. But it’s fun looking back, revisiting my past as I plan my future.

If you had to choose three snapshots from your past, what would they be of?

3 Comments Add yours

    1. runwright says:

      Third time is a charm


  1. Mummy Wright says:

    I can’t decide what they would be I am sure they would include YOU.


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