I Can’t Take It Anymore!!

I feel the same way. It’s been HARSH this winter. I was trying to be a total ROCKY about running in the snow, posing for selfies running in sub-zero weather, that is until I got sick and had to surrender to the power of winter. Today, it’s finally above freezing in NYC again and I am looking forward to 40 degree weather later this week. I can’t wait to finally get back to road running. Winter won! But it’s a temporary victory. Spring is coming. Warmer days are coming. And I intend to win!

Must Love Jogs


You win, winter. You win.


It is about 18 degrees and the wind chill is 10 degrees. Tonight, it’s going to be -5. That’s Farenheit, not Celsius. Of course, there’s snow blowing around too – because it’s March 5th – and why wouldn’t there be snow blowing around? We’ve only had a little more snow that average this year but it’s looked like this for as long as I can remember:

January Snow

Well, I guess that’s not completely true. Some days, it has looked like this:


You get the idea. With the exception of a few days in January, I’ve been running on snow-covered roads and snow-covered sidewalks for three months. While I think there are some benefits to training this way (e.g. mental toughness, core strength, stabilizer strength), I believe I have maxed them out. Specifically, I have two concerns going forward:

1) I am running a 50-miler on June…

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