Warm Weather Stay-cation Plans In New York State

Warmer weather is coming. The temperature in NYC is hovering around 37 degrees today, with a prediction of 40s tomorrow. I am excited to get back to running outdoors but I am also thinking of all the other exciting things I can do when the weather is warm enough. Like camping. Like road cycling. Like hiking.

Last year, I didn’t get to do much hiking. I didn’t start early enough in the year and by the time summer came around, the days when I could hike were so hot that I chose to cycle instead of going hiking with a big backpack. But as much as I love running and cycling, walking is the thing I do best and I am looking forward to my first hike of the season.

I’ve been seeing ads in the NYC subway for a few months, promoting the other things to do in New York State. The truth is, when you think about taking a trip to New York, you probably envision the bright lights at Times Square and the lights on Broadway, you might see the cyclone at Coney Island, you’ll plan trips to the observation deck at the Empire State Building, the pool commemorating the loss of life at the World Trade Center, and the subsequent skyscraper that has since been rebuilt.

New WTC Building

When you visit NYC, chances are you’ll take the train to Rockefeller Center for ice skating and you don’t have to be a baseball fan to want to head to Yankee Stadium and Citifield to catch a game.

Yankee Stadium

You’ll head to Wall Street to take a picture with the bull and catch a show at Madison Square Garden or the new Barclays Center, and then when you want to just go outside and experience some nature, you’ll rent a bicycle and head to Central Park to soak up the beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. That’s all New York City – Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island – all five boroughs worth of city living.

But there is more to New York State than New York City – Westchester, Rockland County, Albany, Adirondack, the Finger Lakes, Niagara, the Hudson Valley Region, Lake Placid, places to take my road bike and ride on roads where the terrain is hilly and challenging and the traffic is sparse, places to pack my daypack and after a short trip on the Metro North train, room to walk and explore and take beautiful pictures and forage for edible wild plants. Places to take my Pathfinder group so we can practice some of the wilderness skills we’ve spent the last few years learning – how to pitch a tent that can withstand a thunderstorm, how to build a fire and cook our meals on it, how to find things in nature that can make our camping experience better, how to have fun and enjoy nature and preserve it so those coming behind us can have a similar experience.

Camping in the Berkshires
Lake Placid, a couple years ago
In Fahnestock State Park, on the Appalachian trail

Warmer days are coming and I can hardly wait because I already have plans – plans that have been on hold for the past few months and I can’t wait to just get out there and start turning plans into experiences. Warmer days are coming and I can hardly wait!

What are your stay-cation plans?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I am so excited for Spring for longer days, sunshine and hikes!


  2. I absolutely love New York City and New York State! So much to do!


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