Running Gear In Preparation for Running Group

I am leading a running club at my church, so I have to organize my running gear.  I need to figure out what I need to chuck, what I need to replace and use the lessons learned thus far to prepare for the future.

I really need 2 new pairs of running shoes but I have a few miles on my current Nikes, so I will use them to start the season and make a plan to head to Paragon this week. I have a store credit for about $100 from a backpack that I had to return about a year ago (more on that later). My previous running shoes, I bought at Modells, but that was when I was just starting out. This time, I want to go to Paragon because they have that treadmill-type machine that you can run on and it assesses your foot-strike (how your foot meets the road when you run) so you an buy the right type of shoe for you. I know there are other stores in the city with this type of machine but I want to use my store credit, at least for one pair of shoes.

When I was taking pics, I realized it might seem that I have a lot of athletic equipment. I don’t feel like I buy a lot but I believe that if you want to do something well, you need the tools and I take running seriously. When I started running, I used to run in cut off yoga pants or basketball shorts and random T-shirts. The first pair of sneakers I ran in were regular sneakers I bought at Target.  My first pair of running shoes, I wore like they were trainers, I would run and then do a lot of walking around and over time, they started hurting my toes. Ding, ding, ding. That’s cause they were running shoes, not walking shoes, and our feet hit different parts of shoes when we walk and when we run. I learned that by experience but feel free to learn from my lessons.

This is some of the gear that has survived my two years of running.

Nike running shoes, bought at the outlets in Florida last year. Very comfortable, well cushioned, very springy.
I like thin ankle socks, that have some cushioning to them but lie flat at the toes. These work well


Danskin Fitted Dri-ProTights – bought at Walmart last year and they turned out to great. I plan to stock up at my next Walmart trip.
Adidas Capri Pants (top left) – They are comfortable but I don’t like the shape – the legs are too loose. Also, there is a small waist pocket which is not functional because it doesn’t have a zip and I would not feel confident putting anything in it.
Danskin Fitted Tech Shirts, Adidas loose shirts

New Sports Bra from Marika. I needed a new one – recommended to replace them every 6 months to a year.

I needed a new Sports Bra and I love the colors and fit of this one.

Nike Livestrong warm up top. Love that these have thumb holes. Pretty useful for those chilly runs.

Nike Livestrong warm-up top

Saucony warm up top. Love that these have a side zippered pocket. comes in handy so I don’t have to wear my waist belt

Saucony warm-up top

Amphipod Waist Belt. Made of flexible material so it stretches to hold all my stuff. Two small pockets, one for my cards and cash and tissues (my nose runs when it gets cold) and in the other, larger pocket, I put my iPhone and keys. Also, I like that the material is kinda meshy so it breathes, which is important for any kind of running gear that doesn’t get washed regularly.

I fit everything in this little waist pack

Tracking – Nike Fitness Watch. Love this watch. It has a USB attachment that just goes into my computer to upload my GPS, log my miles and recharge.

I love my Fitness Watch. It even reminds me to run
USB connection, doesn’t need a cable.
It’s really convenient to charge or upload info from the watch to my Mac

Energy Bars – I like Larabar because their ingredient list is simple and they are gluten free. The bars only contain normal, regular health products and they taste great so you feel like you’re eating normal food, not powder or chemical laced stuff.

New favorite energy bars


So this is the gear that keeps me running.

I’ll do another post for my other athletic pursuits. I have lots of biking info and bike gear and hiking equipment to share with you, and maybe give you some guidance about gear that you might want to purchase.

Hope you have a great weekend and that you get a chance to #RUNWRIGHT.

How often do you buy running gear? Any lessons-learned that you want to share with me and other readers?

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  1. Nice gear! I have a few pants/capris with the little no zipper waist pocket… I much rather have zippers, but have discovered that if the waist is tight enough those pockets work well for my car keys (I don’t take much else on runs).


    1. runwright says:

      I wear so much black otherwise that when I get a chance to wear the rainbow, I gotta take it


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