The Hangover

I woke up this morning with a hangover. Does that shock you? I was shocked too! Because for those of you who know me, you know I don’t drink, I don’t advocate for alcohol and I am fully against the idea of getting drunk. But I’ve had this nagging cough that hasn’t been responding to my natural remedies of herbal tea mixed with grated ginger and lemon juice or boiled garlic (yeah, I did that!) or hot and cold compresses, or time – I believe that sometimes, all we need is to allow a cold to run its course. But this winter has really done a number on me in terms of not being able to shake this cough. 

So last night, I decided, That’s it. I am done with this cough! and I succumbed to the temptation of a half of a dose of cough syrup. Robitussin Nightime formula, to be specific. And I went to bed.



Eight hours later, I woke up loopy and I made it from the bed to the couch where I fell asleep again for another hour and change. 

Worst feeling ever. I tried to exercise, I made breakfast – the egg and potato special that is supposed to cure everything, I drank 2 bottles of water and finally a couple hours later, I am feeling normal again. So that’s what alcohol does to a person? Wow!

I haven’t coughed today but it feels like I haven’t done much else either. I suppose this is what happens when you’re not used to drinking alcohol – anything with an alcoholic content knocks you out, cold.

The cough syrup did its job but I definitely could not operate machinery after this. Thank God for trains and buses.

And now, I need to go running so I can raise my heart rate, boost my metabolism and force the remnants of this cough syrup out of my system.

Have you ever had a similar experience with medicine?



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  1. I really try not to take cold medicine because it always has a negative affect on me. Yuck! But glad you’re starting to feel normal again!


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks. And am about to head out running. I know that will make things so much better


  2. That never happened to me, not a good side effect.


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