What I REALLY Think About Larabar

I might be extremely biased because I went into this expecting to love every bite of the Larabar product testing. And I DID!

Larabar product packages state that they are Simple. Pure. Delicious. And they are!

I’ve eaten tons of energy bars in the past. I don’t buy them for snacks in general but I take energy bars when I go hiking or backpacking or camping, which is quite often during the summer, and when I go on bike rides, I usually stuff a couple of bars in my jersey pockets. And now that I am running longer, I take a small bar to keep my energy going. Running coaches recommend eating something or having a fuel shot after running for an hour.

I’ve tried lots of different bars – Clif, Luna, Nature Valley , KIND, Trader Joe’s varieties, Whole Foods varieties. What causes Larabar to stand out is that their products taste amazing. You could eat any candy bar and have the same effect on your pleasure-center, but the difference is that Larabars are good for you and they are not laced with sugar and hard to pronounce chemicals. Their ingredients are simple and pure and the result is delicious. Take the cashew cookie bar, for example.  The ingredient list is very short – just two items, cashews and dates. Two ingredients only! The fruit and nut are ground together and the combination is delicious. Today, I actually did some exercise just to justify eating a Larabar, since I had set it aside for a post-workout snack.


The Lemon Pound Cake variety has a delightful zest of lemon. It tastes fresh, homemade, not like it came out of a package.

One of my favorite chocolate treats are turtles – chocolate covered truffles of pecan and caramel. The Larabar turtle version is a healthier dark chocolate bar with almonds, cashews, which I had on Sunday after my first run in a long time. It could have been just that I was so excited to be running but the bar was a truly delightful incentive to look forward to. This bar does contain rice syrup and molasses as well as dark chocolate, so it is sweeter than lots of their other bars, but after a run,  I didn’t mind.


larabar turtle

If you’ve never tried Larabar, do it today.  And if you have tried Larabars, then you probably already have a stash, because one taste is all you’ll need to be converted into a regular. The first time I tried a Larabar was at last year’s bike expo in NYC and I spent the next couple of days obsessing about them and trying to find them in a store.

Please consider becoming a fan of Larabar. Check out their social media pages on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest and even sign up for  their eNewsletter.

Disclaimer: I received a 4 pack sample from Larabar to test but otherwise, I am not being compensated by the company. All the opinions stated are my own. I truly love Larabar products and would (and do) eat the bars when I have to pay for them myself. Most of the bars contain nuts or nut products so please avoid if you have a nut allergy. 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Everyone loves those bars… Guess I should try them. 🙂


    1. runwright says:

      Are they available in Israel?


      1. I haven’t seen them yet, but I order most my energy bars from the US.


  2. I love the ingredient list in them!


    1. runwright says:

      Me too. Love the simplicity.


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