Running Into Spring

It’s officially Spring and I’m running into Spring like never before. March 20, 2014, 12:57 PM came and went so it’s officially SPRING! I timed my lunchtime run so I could be outside when it happened and I gotta tell you, running is the best way to celebrate. When I went out, there was a chilly wind but I was wearing my Marika Dry-Wik running top, with an Adidas tech-shirt underneath and so my torso was warm. I like that the jacket has thumb-holes so I can pull it down to cover my wrists. I also wore capri tights and my black Nike-flex running shoes and I was super comfortable.

When I started running, it still felt like winter weather but somewhere in the middle of my run, as I navigated a street I’ve never run on before, I realized the sun was shining bright and the wind seemed to have stopped and the weather was just PERFECT. It lasted about 5 minutes but it was just enough for me to appreciate and celebrate.

I ran just about 3 miles today because I am finally trying to follow my half-marathon training plan – today was Rest/Run 30-40 mins. My left hamstring was hurting a bit, which I expected to happen because I didn’t stretch properly after yesterday’s run. While I was running and the muscle was being exercised, it stopped hurting so I just made sure I did proper post-run stretches when I was done.

I am hoping to have a running partner tomorrow who can take pictures of me doing my fav stretches cause I’d like to share them with you.

Anyway, I am proud of myself. Got 3 runs in so far this week, and with every run, my pace has improved.

Sun- 3.55 miles, 12:00 min/m

Wed 4.14 miles, 11:28 min/mi

Thu 3.0 miles, 10:27 min/mi for 1st mile, 11:20 min/mi after that

Tomorrow is another run day and I’m scheduled to run 5 miles but I’m thinking it might be too much for me since I’m just getting back into the groove so I am going to shoot for 4.5 miles in 45 minutes. I like having goals!

Here are some pictures from the runs. Hope you are enjoying the weather as much as I am.

Sunday’s run
Wednesday’s run
Thursday’s run
After Thursday’s run



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    1. runwright says:

      Thanks. Hope you have a wonderful season also.


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