Spring Snow

The weather forecast predicts snow will start at about 4 PM today. We thought it was over, we hoped it was over, we did the End-of-winter celebration but alas, the vestiges of winter linger. Gladly, the weather people  have NOT mentioned the 2 words that drove fear in our hearts during the winter – POLAR VORTEX, but snow is snow and as much as anyone likes snow, we’ve gotten more than we wanted this past winter. We’re starting to feel like were stuck in Disney’s Frozen movie, longing for warm days that can’t seem to stick around long enough for us to really enjoy them.


But…. last Saturday was great weather even if the days since then have gotten progressively colder again. On Saturday, I even managed to wear my Spring coat comfortably. The fact is the winter conditions can’t last forever. They just can’t!

So let’s just keep doing what we doing, knowing that warmer days are coming, SOON! With warmer days will come races and running events that we want to be prepared for, outdoor activities that we want to be fit enough to participate in – I want to get some upper body strength to finally do the rock climbing wall at the annual picnic.

Whatever the plans, they only work if we keep working at them. So, cold or not, I am going to run today.

cold weather run


Source: Pinterest.com

On Sunday’s run, I wore a light fleece-lined running jacket and I stayed warm only because I kept running all the time. Today’s run, I will need a thick fleece to stay warm even if I am running all the time I am outside. It’s at least 10 degrees colder today than it was on Sunday. But whatever happens, I am running!

Spring snow or spring showers, these miles are not going to run themselves so I’ve gotta get busy doing it.

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

Whatever the weather and wherever you are, have a great day, stay warm and RunWright!


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  1. Laura says:

    We got more snow last night too – I’m pretty sure winter will never ever end. Ever. Just gotta keep running and hope that someday summer will come!


    1. runwright says:

      Maybe we can run to meet the warmer weather 🙂


  2. Jason says:

    It’s chilly here but there’s no snow! One of these days, Spring will show up… one of these days


    1. runwright says:

      Yup. We just have to be patient. Spring is bound to come, someday, even if it’s not today.


  3. I’m still treadmill running it if my runs are stuck in the AM — we haven’t quite gotten the light in the AM yet. And Denver in the dark = freezing and a bit scary.


    1. runwright says:

      Safety first! I am not a treadmill runner but I also have the luxury of being able to run in the middle of the day. No running in the dark for this babe 🙂


      1. Oh man I envy people (my husband included) that are able to enjoy an afternoon run. Glad you take advantage 🙂


  4. You must be so tired of winter by now… hope the snow is gone soon. Great weather around here, sunny and comfortable temperatures.


    1. runwright says:

      The forecast is for light snow but snow nonetheless. Yes. I am not to hurry things along but I just miss being able to go do whatever I want to outside.


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