Another day, another run, another record for the MODRUN. I had such a busy morning, I only had 20 minutes to run and stretch but the MODRUN is upon us. So I set out for a short run with no expectations except to pound out another mile or so. Running 5 days this week has taken a toll and I was truly feeling tired.

But when I was done, Runkeeper rewarded me with this pretty picture:

New record
New record

Ah, I felt so good. 8:53 minutes per mile. Instantly, tiredness was replaced with a feeling of accomplishment. If I can keep it up, I can shoot for a sub 25-minute 5K race and a new PR. That’s my new goal for the month of April – to run a sub 25-minute 5K.

So after my stretch and yoga and plank for the Twitter #plankaday challenge, I rewarded myself with a delicious breakfast

Eat Right Live Right RunWright


And tomorrow is Sabbath and my rest day, Hallelujah. I’ve loved the MODRUN this week but I am looking forward to a day off running. And I’ll be back at it on Sunday.

What’s your proudest accomplishment this week?

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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