MODRUN Week 2 Day 3 And The Foods That Keep Me Going

It’s Week 2 Day 3 in the MODRUN modified running streak. Today’s half marathon training plan called for a 40 minute run. Yes, I am still loosely following the training plan in that I am trying to make sure I get the mileage down, trying to improve my form and stamina and doing some amount of strength training. I am just going rogue in that I am running more often than the plan requires.

Today I tried a different running path to do laps in a park. My plan was to run about 4.5 miles in 40 minutes. I started off at a 9 minute pace but couldn’t keep it up so somewhere in the 2nd mile, the hills got to me and I slowed down to a 10 minute pace. Then I stopped to take pics and walk for a bit and just lost my pace. When I got home 46 minutes later, I had only run 4.12 miles. Only 4.12 miles? Did I really just say that? I’ve run 10 miles already this week and it’s only Tuesday. Considering I didn’t run much during the winter, I am proud of what I’ve done so far. I love that there is room for improvement and I plan to get much better this running season.



Proper nutrition is so important. I feel the extra pounds that I am carrying. I feel the extra weight when I am running up hills, like I did in the park today. I want to be a little lighter just so I don’t have to expend so much energy to get over the incline. I know when I start biking again, I’ll feel that even more.

I am not planning any crazy diets to lose weight. My plan is to eat more nourishing foods and maintain portion control so I have adequate energy and nutrition to do the activities I want to do. Last month, I spent some time focusing on reducing my sugar intake and choosing better substitutes. Remember the Sugar Detox Learning Curve?  You can read those posts here.

I generally have good cooking habits. My old roommates used to talk about how much vegetables I cook. My bad habit is that I like to stay up late at night with cookies or chips to keep my company. And I could eat cheese on anything. I could eat cheese on cheese. But the way to get a handle on nutrition is knowing the foods to double up on and the foods to limit.

For the running streak, I need to make sure I am eating enough of the foods that help to reduce recovery time.

1. Protein – my goal is to eat at least 70 grams of protein everyday by adding lots of legumes to my meals and snacks. Lentil side dish, chickpeas or black beans in my salad, eggs for breakfast.

2. Eating lots of fruits  – watermelons, apples, pineapple, oranges, tangerines are in my kitchen, prepped and ready for the next snack. Fruits do double duty as they are antioxidant rich and high water content to keep me hydrated.

3. Magnesium rich foods, like almonds,  to help with muscle repair.

4. Antioxidant-rich foods to reduce inflammation – cherries, ginger and turmeric.

5. Carbs. Healthy carbs. To keep the energy up.

I’ve been known to get excited about a goal and just abandon caution to pursue the prize but I am trying to be smart about the MODRUN. Week 2 feels good thus far and I want to keep it that way.

Eat Right, Live Right, RunWright.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason says:

    sounds like a good run to me!


  2. Sounds like a great plan. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble losing the extra weight, you are so disciplined and have such healthy habits.


    1. runwright says:

      Ah. Thanks!! I am really trying to focus on fitness and proper nutrition and let the weight fall in line. So keep rooting for me.


  3. Good luck with the running and healthy eating! Yes you’re so right, they go hand in hand but I can relate to the cookies at night 🙂


    1. runwright says:

      If only night time cookie and chocolate calories didn’t count, that would be awesome!


  4. pugrunaholic says:

    Good luck with your eating plan! You can do it! 🙂


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