MODRUN Week 3 Day 2

It’s Week 3 Day 2 of the MODRUN. Last night, my legs ached so I wanted to take it easy today. I went for a 20 minute run on the street and ran a little more than 2 miles in that time. That was perfect for the morning. Got my metabolism up and my energy high for the day.

In a bid to keep my metabolism high, my plan this week is to eat 5 small meals per day, keep my protein intake high and incorporate some of the foods from a list I created called “The list of foods that runners should eat” (click here to read the guest post I wrote for my friend Jess’ blog at a couple months ago). The list includes eggs, sweet peppers, mushrooms, quinoa, broccoli. beans, dark chocolate, nuts, squash, ginger, garlic, avocado and salad greens. Today, I hit 5 of those items already.

Eat Right Live Right Runwright

Must keep running! And in order to do that, I have to keep healthy. Must respect my limits! Must prepare my body for what I want it to produce because I can only get out what I put in. If I don’t invest in my health and nutrition, I can’t expect a good return in my exercise.

Must keep running! Will keep running! We’re almost halfway through the month of April already and these miles won’t run themselves. The MODRUN continues. Tomorrow’s running goal is to run a 5K distance at 9.3 min/mile pace => works out to about 30 minutes. I’ll let you know how it goes.

How did your week start off? What are your goals this week?


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