MODRUN Week 3 Day 1

Hard to believe I have completed two weeks of the MODified RUNning streak already and I am on to MODRUN Week 3. Yesterday’s run was 4.3 miles with the running group. We ran to Central Park and I had the pleasure of sharing the road with women completing the NYRR/More Magazine Women’s Half marathon event. I love races in general but it’s a special event to see women, just women, running. They ran in tutus, skirts, shorts, capris, tights and even bikini-type athletic wear. Bright colors interspersed with lots of black, bright colored shoes, accessories. Races are really fun to watch and women’s races are a beautiful sight.

IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6689IMG_6691


And then there was this awesome sign that a kid made to cheer on his mom who was running the race. Just gotta love the unconditional support.


And the equally hilarious complaint made by his sister (?)


And when we had passed the runners, we started a lap around the pond at the Boathouse, which resulted in my making my very first 911 call. The route around the pond is very popular with dog walkers on Sunday mornings and many of these dogs are taken off their leashes so they can run unrestricted. A woman was walking her two dogs on their leashes when an un-leashed pit-bull ran towards them. I was running ahead so I am not sure what happened, but I think the pit made her two dogs excited and they wrapped their leash around her legs. Whatever happened, it resulted with the woman tripping and falling, at which time she screamed so loudly we thought the pit had attacked her. So my friend ran over to help her and yelled for me to call 911. I did but by the time I started giving the limited info that I had, the Parks Police were on the scene, which was understood considering that we were about 30 ft from the half-marathon in progress. The Police took over so I was able to tell the 911 operator that they had the situation under control, but not before I was able to use the term, “Woman down, there’s a woman down.” All I know about 911 calls, I’ve gotten from watching Law and Order and so it seemed like the kind of thing you should say. When the cops took over, and we realized the woman was going to be ok, we left and finished our run.

4.3 miles completed, slow pace but it was great. Perfect weather. Great company.

IMG_6699 IMG_6697

Plans for the MODRUN this week are:

  • Run 6 days (of course, because it is a running streak)
  • Enjoy every run
  • Run pain-free every time
  • Run a total of 22 miles this week (last week’s mileage was about 20 miles)
  • Beat my 5K record this week.
  • Fuel properly

Looking forward to the MODRUN and meeting my goals this week. What are you looking forward to this week?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    I really love your MODRUN idea – I know that a 7day a week streak would be a straight road to injury town for me! Congrats and keep it up!


  2. runwright says:

    Thanks. Totally agreed about the 7 day a week – if I didn’t have a day off, I think it would also be a physical and mental strain. Rest should always be a part of the plan.


  3. Great runs! And that poor woman! Must have been scary for everybody.


    1. runwright says:

      Yes. It was really a relief that the police and ambulance came so quickly.


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