MODRUN Week 3 Day 3: Change of Plans

“April Showers” are my excuse for today’s change of plans. Last night, I had carefully outlined plans for today’s MODRUN. I was going to head to Central Park and run a 5K in 30 minutes. And then I woke up to rain. April showers. I decided I would not be deterred. What’s a little rain? I can still go running. I’m hardcore, aren’t I?

I started running and then I realized I was getting soaked, my Nike watch was as wet as if I had immersed it in a cup of water and I couldn’t see out of my glasses. I was wearing my Amphipod waist belt so my phone was properly contained. I took my watch off and put it in my shirt pocket and held my glasses in my hand and kept running. Except that then, I couldn’t see as well, my distance perception was off so I wasn’t sure if I was really stepping over that puddle or about to step into it. And the scarier thing, I didn’t feel confident about how far away I was from things on the sidewalk.

I ran for 12 minutes and covered about 1.1 miles. Not what I had planned but better than nothing.

The MODRUN continues tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be able to get that 5K run done then.

Sometimes we put time limits on our goals – write a book this year, get a better job this month, lose 10 pounds in 1 month, climb Mt Everest this summer – but aren’t they still fantastic accomplishments even if they take a little longer than I had planned?  If instead of this summer, I climb Everest next summer, would it mean less to me? If instead of 1 month, it takes me 3 months to lose the 10 pounds, would I feel less happy when I put on my skinny jeans? I think I would be ecstatic ANY time my book gets published, ANY time I lose the stubborn 10 pounds, WHENEVER I reach the top of Everest, I am going to celebrate success.

Plodding on to reach those goals
Happy to be out of the rain

Things don’t always work with our carefully-crafted timeline but if we have goals and keep working at them, eventually, we can accomplish them. And whenever they happen, CELEBRATE!

The weather forecast this week is for chilly temperatures, wind, rain and I am hearing that we might even go below-freezing in a couple days. April showers might make room for April snow.

Whatever the weather, I hope you have a great day wherever you are and that even when you get a little sidetracked, that you can do something towards reaching your goals.



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  1. gwencicone says:

    Well day 4 was a wash for me unless you count running down and back the driveway to deliver the garbage in icey rain. So today became the unintended running sabbath ( I was planning on Fridays before my Saturday 5k) but the rest of the week looks promising! Good job of at dealing with rain for a mile!

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  2. runwright says:

    Thanks! Eventually the rain let up but I couldn’t get back out. Aww well, there’s always next time. What’s your planned race time for the 5K?


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