MODRUN Week 5 Day 2 Recap

The downside of running every day is that I feel like I am always running on tired legs. Even after taking my one day off for the MODRUN, I feel like I am panting and not really making the best use of my stamina.

As I really get into distance running and training for the marathon later this year, I need to focus on getting better at breathing. Turns out even though I’ve been breathing in and out all my life, I still don’t do it properly 😦

To get better at it, I am reading this article from Runner’s World magazine for tips on how to breathe better. I’ll let you know what I find and how it helps.

Yesterday’s run was short, just 1.6 miles run at 6:30 in the evening. I like running in the cool evening hours and watching the sunset as I crank out a few miles but I don’t think it’s the optimal time to get numbers or chase any goals. The evening run is the recovery run – the I had a busy day and now I just want to do something that relaxes me. Mornings, that’s when tempos and negative splits happen. Mornings are for the kind of runs that say “I just got out of bed and have a renewed drive to get better, be faster and do more awesome things than I did yesterday”. MODRUNs belong in the morning hours. Yesterday, after all I did during the day, I just didn’t have the energy to run fast or long. That run was more to calm me and prepare me for dinner 🙂

And after the run, 1 minute reps of 3 kinds of planks and some yoga moves to stretch my muscles.

One of 3 plank positions I have been working on. I’ve gotten up to 1 min 30 sec planks on this one
Back stretch
My body looks so awkward in this position.

And speaking of food, my family sent me an awesome care package from Jamaica, chock full of some of my favorite things – fried fish, roast breadfruit, coconut drops. I didn’t hesitate to get into the breadfruit and fish. I love it! The best part is I have fish for many days ahead. Thank you, MOM! The highlight of my week is already knowing I have  fried fish and breadfruit chips meals just waiting for me to get hungry.

coconut drops
Coconut drops and grater cake – all sugar, pure delight
Roasted breadfruit, split open
breadfruit chips
Breadfruit slices, being refried
fried fish and breadfruit
Best meal – fried fish and breadfruit
Jamaican Souvenirs
Souvenirs from home

2 more days left in the MODRUN and I want to do something wonderful in my next two runs. Will keep you updated. Have a great day.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hang in there, tired legs make you stronger.
    Of course you still need good recovery and rest days, but a bit of tired legs has its positives.
    I love getting care packages too.


    1. runwright says:

      Yeah for care packages. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve got to try to remember that while I am out there.


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