MODRUN Week 5 Day 3 Alice In Wonderland

Today, I ran 2.22 miles for the MODRUN, including some hill repeats. I read a couple of articles about breathing before the run because I’ve been feeling like I am running tired and panting even when I’m not tired. I did some deep breathing before the run to try to establish a pattern. It lasted for a couple minutes and then I was back to trying to remind myself to take deep breaths. I have to keep working on this. Breathe better is going to be my new project.

My first target is to strengthen my diaphragm so that I can breathe better. Although my mom tried her best to get me to not do this as a kid, I still slouch sometimes. And slouching leads to bad posture, which begets weak core muscles and weak muscles cannot support a strong diaphragm. So as I focus on my breathing exercises, and focus on doing more core exercises, I can’t forget to pay attention to good posture.

I’ve been doing daily planks in a #PlankADay challenge I joined on Twitter, and I feel like it’s been helping me with developing arm muscle but I don’t feel like it’s doing enough for my core. Today I tried side planks that are supposed to look like this.

side plank poster

I don’t think I look like that doing them, but I am chugging away at the time regardless.

Anyway, I am looking for some new exercises to incorporate into my daily workout to target building my core muscles. Do you have any suggestions for me?

I did some hill repeats up this hill today,

where I saw the cutest rabbit who was just eating and paying me no attention, even when I stopped to take these pictures of him/her



I guess (s)he’s used to paparazzi or something. Maybe (s)he’s a famous rabbit. I’ve seen lots of strange animals but I’ve never seen a rabbit on the side of the road. If (s)he’d pulled a watch out and said “I’m late,” and then disappeared down a hole like the rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, I couldn’t have been more surprised.

I had stopped eating yoghurt about a year ago but I’ve decided to give it another go and see if maybe bacteria is what I’m missing from my diet :-)I don’t eat a lot of dairy, except for cheese which I don’t eat nearly as much of as I used to. So last week, I bought Chobani greek yoghurt and this week, I went straight for the big guns and got some Activia instead.


Today, I had yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and for lunch, I had the most delicious quinoa salad leftovers in my fridge. Saving my Jamaican fried fish and breadfruit for my favorite meal of the day – the dinner and a movie portion. All in my bid to Eat Right, Live Right and #RunWright.

What are your thoughts on yoghurt?

Do you have core exercises suggestions for me?

What’s the most random thing that happened to you today? Mine was spotting that rabbit. Totally unexpected.




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  1. Planks are great for your core, maybe you could try slowly increasing the time you do them.
    I don’t eat yoghurt often but for no particular reason actually.. I do like it quite a bit!


    1. runwright says:

      I’ve been trying to increase the time on my reps, as well as trying new plank positions. I just worry I’m not getting better fast enough, I guess I have to work on my patience too 🙂


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