Cross Training: Indoor Workout, No Equipment Needed

While I am usually all about running, I know there are distinct benefits of cross training. But sometimes, we fall into exercise ruts when we do the same things over and over, use the same muscles in the same way all the time and start hitting plateaus in our weight loss or strength development. One reason I think we don’t do a lot of cross training is that we don’t have lots of different types of fancy equipment. Lots of runners don’t have a gym pass so we basically just run all the time. But there are lots of workouts we can do at home, and without any equipment other than our own bodies.

This post is about why cross training is so important and why I am so excited by the idea of Cross Fit, even if I’ve never actually done the CF workouts.

So today, I’ve been cooped up in the house, watching morning TV and waiting for the rain to subside at least a little bit so I could head out for the morning run. But the rain seems like it’s here to stay so what does a wanna-be-fit girl do when she can’t get out for her morning run?  These days she turns to Pinterest for workout ideas.

I found this morning workout and I decided to give it a try. morning workout

It looks simple enough. Right? I mean, I’ve been doing jumping jacks since I was a kid. So I started doing jumping jacks and at about number 57, my head started to hurt. I yanked out my ponytail to make sure my hair wasn’t too tight, took my glasses off (because that’s a source of compression?) and I kept jumping and let me tell you, it was a struggle to get to 80. I don’t know why my head hurt. I do cardio everyday but I guess running and jumping are not the same.

Because of a recurring wrist injury, I do modified pushups and squeezing out 20 was a challenge. By the time I got to 50 squats, the sweat was pouring out of me like a geyser. I lost count somewhere in the 30s and had to estimate when I got to 50 by how exhausted I felt.

At the end of the workout, the 60 seconds wall sit started feeling like a welcome rest but it was anything but. By that time, my muscles were crying out and while I squatted against the wall trying to focus on my breathing and counting 60 seconds, it was all I could do to remain upright.

It took much less time for this workout than the time I spend running everyday but the moves called for different muscle movements and it was a definite challenge early in the morning. But I love a good challenge so you bet I’ll be doing this again soon. I’ll make it a Cross Fit styled timed-workout and see how fast I can finish the moves.

I love a good challenge.  I love getting better. And these challenges aren’t limited to physical workouts. I believe everyday we should be trying to be better than we were yesterday. Competition inspires us to try harder but we don’t have to be in competition with anyone to get better. The best competition is the one we enter against our former selves so we’re always growing, always improving, always reaching for the next level.

#RunWright in every aspect of your life!

Do you ever try those workouts you find online? Any interesting stories to share?


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  1. LOVE this! Bodyweight workouts are often overlooked because they don’t use any of the fancy gym equipment, so we tend to think of them as less than effective. But boy…that looked like it was a challenge. I agree with you about cross training…most of my runner friends don’t do a lot else but run. And then trying to get them to incorporate strength training? Well…yea, it’s an uphill struggle.

    There have been a few workouts like this one that I’ve seen online or in a magazine and have given a try. I’ve even made a few up myself and just done them when I didn’t feel like I had a lot of time to be in the gym or wanted to do something simple at home. It’s a nice way to get a good, quick workout, and depending on your tempo and the kinds of movements you’re doing, some of these kinds of exercises can help stabilize your core and build better stability and strength over all.

    Let me know if you try CF!

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    1. runwright says:

      Woohoo!! Thanks for following and reading my blog. I feel so awesome! Yes, a lot of the people I know who run occasionally, don’t do strength workouts and the gym people don’t run. Strange. But yes, I def want to try CF soon. I’ll keep you posted.


      1. lol, yea runners don’t want to do anything but run. And I feel like I can say that because as a runner, I was definitely there…Now? We’ll I don’t know what I am. Just a girl who likes fitness.


  2. I’ve never tried online workouts but I should, there seem to be really good ones, both printed and videos.


    1. runwright says:

      There are tons of free resources and lots of new ideas that we can incorporate in our workouts. Some of them are just straight crazy but I’ve found a few that have the right amount of challenge.


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