MODRUN Week 5 Day 4 aka THE LAST DAY

It’s officially the last day of April and the last day of the MODRUN.

last day

I’ve enjoyed it but it’s also been challenging. I guess that’s the point. The goal of the MODRUN MODified RUNning streak was to run every day except Saturday and I’ve run when I was tired, when I was rested, I’ve  run when I was feeling healthy and when I was in pain, I’ve run when I was happy and I’ve run so I could feel happy. One day I ran in 70 something degree weather and one day I ran in 32 degree weather. Regardless of what was going on, I ran so today will be no different.

Today I’d like to go out with guns blazing so I am planning a good run to celebrate. It’s raining right now so I’m waiting to see if it lets up to go running but if it doesn’t stop raining, I’ll run anyway. That’s what the MODRUN has done to me!

Have a great day. Updates later.

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