The Good Samaritan

I was in the DSW store shopping for a purse – a clutch bag for church.
My objective, to find a purse big enough to fit my iPad when I go to church, because I use it to read the Bible and take sermon notes on Sabbath. A few days ago, I had seen an orange one and made a mental note to go back and check it out for an outfit for our Ladies Day celebration on May 10. Today in DSW, I saw the same purse, in black, and I thought, hmm, black would be more multipurpose. Maybe I should just get this one.
So I took my iPad from my purse to check if it would fit. And then I called my friend to ask advice, should I really buy another black purse? The purse was filled with a few wads of tissue paper and I had to remove them to test if the iPad fit. I was still on the phone chatting with my friend when I put the paper on the shelf, replace the purse and walked away. I had decided not to buy the bag today so I headed down the street to Starbucks to meet my friend to chat before I went home.
I was sitting on a stool by the window in Starbucks, chatting and looking at the things my friend had bought in another store when I noticed the man sitting on the stool on the other side of me was reading something on his iPad. And right away, I knew! My iPad! I had left it in the DSW! I had put it in the purse to check the size and I hadn’t taken it back out! Nooooo!!
I told my friend, We gotta go. I left my iPad. So he gathered up his belongings and we took off running. From 71st street to 79 street, non stop, up Amsterdam and then across to broadway. At the time, it seemed like the longest 8 blocks In the city, yet it am sure it was probably my fastest run all year. Finally, We got there. I tore into the store and ran straight to the purses. The black purse was on the shelf! Yes! Thank you, God. I just have to pick it up and take my iPad out. Except, at the same time I noticed that the wadded up paper was no longer on the shelf where I had left it. Someone else had been in the section since I left. Not good! In slow motion, it felt like my hands finally got to the purse. I lifted it up. It felt lighter than I wanted it to feel in my hands. I opened it up. Empty! Nooooooo! I reached for the orange one. Opened it up. Empty. Nooooooooo! My friend finally got there. He helped me open up the others. Just to check. Empty. My hope dissolved. Please, God. Where is my iPad?
I ran over to the checkout. There was a line. The cashier closest to me had two ladies she was attending to. I waited for an opening in her conversation. Excuse me, did anyone turn in an iPad. She looked at me, pity in her face as if to say, lady, people don’t turn in iPads! Do you know you’re in New York City? She called out to the other lady? Did anyone turn in an iPad. They all looked at me, the same look, mixed incredulity and pity. They said no but their looks said, that is so unlikely!
At that point, my hope already dissolved, my eyes threatened to dissolve in tears too. And then, a flash of purple in front of my eyes. I thought it was a mirage. But then a voice. You’re looking for this. The mirage speaks? And then a hand waving the flash of purple. You left it in the bag. I felt the bag was heavy and I took it out. My face said what I hadn’t found words to express. The voice continued. Now I could make out the voice had a face. Like an angel. She said, I looked around. I didn’t know who but as soon as I saw you, I saw you were stressed. I realized it had to be you.
The Good Samaritan. Her name is Yvette. I hugged her. I noticed she carried a purse. She was a shopper, not an employee. She’s the woman who found my iPad and decided to give it back. She could just as easily kept it or left it for the next person to find. But she held onto it and sought me out and returned it.
The world needs more people like Yvette, not just because we have the same taste in bags, but because she was lovely, she understood my plight, she hugged me back when I wrapped my arms around her in gratitude. The world needs more people like Yvette, but today I am just happy that at least, the world has Yvette.
Now if only I had turned on my Runkeeper app so I could have recorded my 8 block race-pace run! 🙂

What about you? Any Good Samaritam stories to share? What are you thankful for today?


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  1. Glad you found your IPad. Everyone should return what’s not theirs, but unfortunately many people just don’t. Even little things like shampoo, if you forget them at the gym, be someone will take it within 10 minutes…. really? shampoo?
    I lost my mobile phone once, it was a while ago and it wasn’t even a smartphone, but at the time I guess it was a relatively good phone. I went home to call my own number and someone picked up and told me where to go back (pretty close to where I probably lost it) and get it.

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    1. runwright says:

      I’ve found things belonging to other people and returned them. But I was overjoyed that someone else did the same for me. Gives a good feeling inside to know there are good people around.

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  2. Run Wright says:

    Reblogged this on RUN WRIGHT and commented:

    For #ThrowbackThursday, I decided to reblog this post to share something significant that happened to me a year and a half ago. I believe miracles happen everyday and we have to be on the lookout for them otherwise we miss them and attribute our experiences to accidents and coincidence.
    But after I decided to reblog my memory of meeting a Good Samaritan, I had an opportunity to be one for someone else. And I’m just happy that God uses me to bring miracles into someone else’s life too.
    Don’t miss the opportunity to be a blessing to someone today.


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