Celebrating Mother-Figures

I’ve never felt like a mommy before but today I did, when one of my young ladies, one of my pathfinder and new staff, Abigail, did a tribute to me in a program at church and called me a mother-figure. She said although I am not her mom, that I care for her like a mom would and that made me feel really special. It validated my efforts. I don’t serve for the accolades but it sure is nice to feel that I am noticed and acknowledged.
Unfortunately, today, I was running really late for church and I missed the tribute. That’ll teach me to not be late again.
When I got to church this morning, as soon as I walked in about 5 ladies said “you’re late!” I knew I was late but I didn’t expect that anyone had noticed or would call me out on it. But when they told me I was late because I had missed my tribute, I was really disappointed. But my special girl, Abigail, came and gave me this gift


and forwarded me the original poem she had written for me
And hugged me.
Aww, I am so happy! And I’m glad that she did it today, so it won’t detract from next week when the real mothers, her real mother, will be celebrated. But honestly, good words and validation are always appreciated whenever they come. And it gave me that boost to keep doing what I do. These kids are important to me and I am so touched that they think I am important to them too.
Thanks, Abigail! You rock!

How was your day?


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