Best Exercise To Raise Your Heart Rate


What’s the best exercise that you can do to raise your heart rate? The runners among us might say running. The CrossFit enthusiasts might say cross training. The aerobics or dance fitness teachers might say Zumba. Who’s right?
I was watching NBC this morning to see my girl Tamara participate in the 6-months-to-6-Pack challenge and the trainer did a game where he asked this question:
What’s the best exercise to raise your heart rate?
A. Jogging
B. swimming
C. Weight lifting
D. All (or any) of the above

The game pitted hosts against contestants and the host got really riled up because he chose swimming and got it wrong. Correct answer, D. Any cardio exercise is good for raising the heart rate.
The trainer explained that the heart is a dumb muscle so it doesn’t distinguish between the types of exercise that you do, just once you get some form of cardio exercise, the heart is happy.
Of course, I’m a runner. I’m partial to running, but runners do better when they have a strong core, achieved through weight lifting. And the best run is when you’ve taken a day off pounding in your legs and done some other kind of exercise, like swimming.
So go out and get some cardio today! Do it for that dumb muscle that beats within your chest.


What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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