The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

The most beautiful woman in the world is my mom, Mrs. Lorna Wright, affectionately known as Mummy, Grandma Patsy, Auntie Pat, Miss Pat, Lion Lorna and Mrs. Wright. Yes, some of the people who love her lots call her Mrs. Wright because that’s her professional name and she mothers young people wherever she goes, so her students who met her as Mrs. Wright, have grown to be more like her children, but they still call her Mrs. Wright.  

My mom has been a teacher for most of her adult life, and even for most of her young life, because as the oldest child and oldest daughter of 6 six siblings, she’s been teaching kids since her first baby brother was born – she lost that brother to cancer just a couple months ago – but she’s mothered and grandmothered and fostered so many other children, she lives out that Psalm statement of having a quiver full. My dad is the same way, both he and my mom have adopted so many children as their own, that I guess I have no choice but to follow their examples.

My parents are both awesome and although I carry some of my dad’s physical features and share some of his interests and passions, when I look in the mirror these days, I see glimpses of my mom looking back at me and I am happy with that. 

My mom was petite when she was married. When I was a kid, she would let me get dressed up in her wedding gown and play “bride” and when I was in my early teens, the dress stopped fitting me, even though I was a little thing. As a girl, I used to stroke the gowns and fancy clothes that hung in the back of her closet and imagine a time when I would do fancy things that would require clothes that fancy too. My mom taught me a lot about appearances – that you feel your best when you look your best and that you can be modest and still be attractive. She’s never worn a lot of makeup, but her hair is always flawless, her clothes well fitted and conservative. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a natural beauty so she doesn’t need a lot of enhancement but she chooses things that complement her well. I remember at Seaview School, she would get dressed up in suits with blazers and stockings and high heels even when those around her didn’t, even in the tropical climate that we lived in. I am sure her students appreciated that she looked nice for them – it created a certain presence in the classroom. I say I am sure because I was one of those students in her classroom who after running around at lunchtime and coming back to class sweaty, it helped that my teacher looked well composed and it helped to bring us back to the business of schoolwork.

She was ready for any event that would crop up but being dressed didn’t mean she couldn’t and didn’t work hard. She would take more than her share of the work in the school canteen, supervising the students outside, running the computer lab and library, walking from place to place, a vision of beauty, high heels and suits, but always with a purpose. Nowadays, I walk to church in flats and change into my stilettos when I get there but my mom used to wear her high heels even when she was walking for miles. In fact, I remember when I was a little girl and I would get tired and she would carry me while wearing those shoes. I don’t know how she did it but I still think about it and admire her strength.

She sacrificed and still sacrifices for me (and countless others) today. She loves me. She supports me. She thinks about me. She calls me everyday. She taught me as a kid and she’s still teaching me today. One of the greatest gifts my mom ever gave me was a love for reading and writing. I’ve been begging her for years to write her autobiography, and not just because I am nosy to see what I don’t know about her life, but because she has such a gift that I want the whole world to know about.

Even though she’s retired her focus is not on lazy days on a beach somewhere, although I think she deserves a long, idle vacation. Yes, she takes time to attend events and share experiences with my dad and her friends but so much of her energy and time is on serving others – she runs a local chapter of the Lions International Club and organizes events so less fortunate people in the community and beyond get food and clothes and medical screenings and eyeglasses and dental care. She sponsors kids to attend school, she started an annual scholarship at Seaview All Age, the school where she spent most of her career teaching and eventually becoming the principal. 

I love my mom. She is the epitome of grace. She isn’t perfect (who is?) but she’s the best mom I’ve ever had and she’s really one of the best people you could ever hope to meet. Even today on Mother’s Day, she’s sharing the day with students that she teaches at home, because mothering kids is what she does.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy! You are the most beautiful woman in the world, inside and out.

The Lions Club of St Elizabeth South, of which my mom is president, is having their annual rally day in June to raise funds to help even more people in their community. If you would like to donate to the cause, or help sponsor the scholarship at Seaview All Age School, please click here to donate. Every dollar goes towards helping someone less fortunate. 

Thanks for reading and do something wonderful for someone today.

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World
With her granddaughter





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mummy Wright says:

    I am speechless, awed, totally overwhelmed. You, Karen, are the most beautiful, sweetest, most thoughtful and absolutely the BEST Daughter in the World (make that Universe) I am simply bowled over and lost for words. love you always and forever.


    1. runwright says:

      It’s easy to be be the best daughter when you’ve been taught by the best mom and you are just trying to be like her. Thanks, Mom!


  2. Novelette Berlin says:

    Lion Lorna,
    My friend, supporter and strength the world needs to know this about you and more. Yes when is the book coming?
    Lion Novelette


    1. runwright says:

      I will definitely pass on this message, Lion Novelette. Thank you!


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