Weekend Memories of Beautiful Women, a Fake Ring, And A Real Wedding

The weekend is over and all that remains is great memories. And pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.
Saturday at church, we celebrated Ladies Day. We paid homage to the women but also just celebrated the fact that women are so awesome and that God made women for a special reason, to be nurturers and caregivers and to be fabulous in all we say and do. Women have special gifts and special roles in this world and we do better when we are not trying to be men, just being the best women we can be. I’ve been mothered and taught by some of the most beautiful women in the world – my mom, who I wrote the tribute post about yesterday, my grandmothers who taught me about giving and selflessness, my aunts who are all patient and kind and some of the fabulous women who now share my life – like my church mom, my fellow female elders and my friends. Everyone brings something unique to my life and that should be celebrated.
And celebrations just make more sense when a big hat is involved. So this was my Sabbath attire. I have never worn such a big hat but it made me feel like a real lady, feminine and elegant. Fascinators, move aside. Make way for the Boling!




We had a guest female pastor who talked about how hard it is sometimes to cede control, but that we can’t be hesitant to receive help. That’s a lesson I still need to learn.
This is our group of women from the women’s ministry committee at the church. Don’t we just look so lovely?
That’s the female pastor in the front, middle.

Saturday evening, I taught a class for the Masterguide program, which trains leaders to work with young people.
And Sunday morning I got to spend about two hours just talking to two wonderful young men who work with me in Pathfinders, one of whom brought me a beautiful lavender rose and wished me Happy Mothers’ Day. I was touched beyond words because it was truly unexpected. Remember last week, one of the young ladies brought me this gift and wrote me a poem about being like a mother to her


These young people really appreciate me! And they even pay attention to the fact that my favorite color is purple. The acknowledgment gives me a renewed drive to keep doing it.
I thought the afternoon deserved a snazzy little outfit so I wore this outfit to hang out on the Upper West Side, have a picnic in the park.


While I was in the park playing around, I found this crystal and started pretending it was a diamond and what else do you do with a diamond but put it on your finger?





And then because this New York’s Central Park, there is always something going on and something to see. Saw this bride walking in the park. By the time I snapped the pic, they were kinda far away but finding the bride and her beau can be a vision test exercise for you.
I’ve been in parks or around museums of other historic buildings and seem bridal parties taking advantage of the backdrop for photos. What made this weird was that it was just the two of them, walking, no wedding party, no photographer, just these two, all dressed up, walking on the Central Park Loop at 5 in the afternoon.


Finished up the evening with the Spider-Man 2 movie which was so much better than the first, which I hated. In the first movie, I hated, hated, hated the constant reference to humans not being enough and needing all those changes, I hated the guy morphing into a lizard. Oh, I hated that movie. But part 2 was so much better.
And in the bathroom at the movie theater, I thought this was a funny sign. Houston, we have a problem!


The weekend is over and while it was such a beautiful one, it’s time to make way for the week ahead and all the beautiful things I know this week can be.
I didn’t get to run all weekend but sometimes you don’t have to run to RUNWRIGHT! Be present in the moment and enjoy it. Later, we can run.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. How awesome to celebrate ladies day, and you look gorgeous in that white suit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. runwright says:

      Thank you so much. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Israel?


      1. No, we celebrate Family Day, which was in January.


      2. runwright says:

        I like that. I’ve often wondered why we have Mother’s Day and Fathers Day on different days. Family Day sounds like a better plan.


  2. Patrice says:

    I shared your blog with my students and they all say we look alike.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. runwright says:

      Best compliment I got today. Thanks for the PR!


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