You Are Responsible

I’ve had a busy past few days.
Last week, I spent some time at the hospital with my cousin’s family as their daughter recovered from surgery to mend a hole in her heart. Thankfully, she is home now and recovering quite well. And she’s back to being a regular, Dora-loving two year old, upset that we are taking her away from her tv time to pose for a picture.

At church we had our annual Community Guest Day where we invite friends from the neighborhood to join us for a special program. We had an amazing day, culminating with a dramatization of Nebuchadnezzar from the Book of Daniel. It was an entire Broadway-style play, complete with set design and costumes. Its always fantastic to see people you know in formal setting get totally absorbed in character and become someone else.


On Sunday, I traveled to Hartford, Connecticut to attend a meeting about our Camporee that happens in August. Although I’ve been thinking and planning this for months, I was reminded about how much I still have to do.
And that’s why today, this post is entitled a You Are Responsible. I am responsible for the things that happen in my life. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines of what is unfolding in your life and say you’re a victim of circumstances. But you get to choose where you sit so you get to choose what you see happening in your life. Sure, things happen that you feel like you have no control over but how many of those things are just the result of decisions that you made previously. So you are responsible.
And please, I am not preaching to you, reader. That You is me. I am talking to myself. Because this is something I am learning to accept for myself. This idea that I have to plan for what I want to happen and take the steps to make sure it does happen. Because in the end, I am responsible for whether I run and how far and how fast I get it done.
It makes things a little more scary but also a lot more exciting. This idea that I am responsible for how far I go means I have to keep pushing forward.
This is my life and I am responsible for how I live it.

Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT!


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  1. So relieved to read your cousin’s daughter is doing better.
    Yes, we are responsible for what we do, and for most of what happens to us. And about those things that happen without us having any control over it.. well, we are responsible for changing/improving the situation afterwards. In the end, our lives are up to us.


    1. runwright says:

      Well said. It’s hard sometimes to acknowledge the part we play in our circumstances but when we accept that fact, then we can start taking steps to change the things we don’t like. I definitely have some things to work on.


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