Eat Right

Did my morning workout while catching up on tv shows I DVR but never seem to get to. Like Jeopardy. 20140521-012330-5010003.jpg
I’ve been a Jeopardy fan ever since and I remember when I was in Jamaica, pre-college and I used to get the answers right. And then I moved to New York, immersed myself in the culture that jeopardy tests, I get not 1, not 2, but 3 degrees, and I think my Jeopardy answering ability has declined. Ah, well. I guess there are more important things in life.
Post workout, I decided to have lunch for breakfast. Leftover homemade quinoa salad with a Dr. Praeger veggie burger.

Had an afternoon trip to Whole Foods to get more veggie burgers and salad mix but it was lovely to browse the aisles and see the options.
Like this rainbow Swiss chard


Like the seeds and grains in the bulk bin


And then because I was tempted, I tried the fresh almond butter that I churned myself (by flipping a switch)

I’d never tried to before so it was a welcome surprise.

And then because I think fresh almond butter can substitute for raw almonds, I put a dab of it on my greens in my dinner.

I’m still trying to set my G-BOMBS so I bought blueberries


And I ate my mushrooms after I was done playing with them.


All in a bid to Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT!

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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