5 Things To Do Before A Run

Or maybe just… the 5 things that I do before I run
1. Get your gear together. I usually run with a running belt that can carry all my stuff. It has a little Velcro pocket that keeps my cash and cards secure and I can stuff my keys and phone in the bigger compartment. If I take my phone out to take pictures on the run (which happens often), I don’t have to worry about my keys falling. If they do, they would make a loud noise. Almost no change of them dropping and going unnoticed. I carry a couple dollars cash, in case I go longer than I planned and I need to buy water. I also carry my ID and debit card whenever I leave my apt because you never know who can happen. When I was in high school, I was a Girl Guide and our motto was Be Prepared!


2. Drink water. if I run first thing in the morning, I drink 2 glasses of room temperature water to flush out my system. If I run later in the day, I drink water throughout the day and a glass before I head out.


3. Have a small snack. In the summer, I run early in the morning, before it gets hot. And depending on how long a run I’ve planned, I know I need some extra energy to fuel the run. I’ll eat an apple with peanut butter or a handful of berries or something starchy – slice of bread, half an energy bar or something small like that.


4. Check the weather. I get hot after running anything longer than a block. I could go out in short sleeves in winter and after running a block, I’ll be fine. So to make sure I am comfortable throughout the whole run, I will often under-dress. Sometimes the weather app on my phone will lead me astray and my running jacket will be tied around my waist in 3 minutes. I will run in rain or I will go for a run even if rain is in the forecast but I probably won’t wear my nice running shoes.

5. Track your miles. I use the free Runkeeper app on my iPhone or my Nike Fitness watch (sometimes both). I like tracking the numbers. I like looking back on my records and seeing the miles I’ve covered. I like beating my previous pace. I am not concerned with how fast other people are running. I just want to be better than was yesterday. And in order to be better than I was yesterday, I need to know what I did yesterday.


So when I have my running gear, when I am dressed for the weather, when I’m hydrated and fueled and my devices are ready to track me, all I have to do is RUN.
Eat Right. Live Right. RUNWRIGHT

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  1. Great tips, especially the weather one. I check the hour by hour forecast, sometimes there can be a big difference in temperatures during a long run, it’s important to be dressed accordingly.


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