Another late morning

On Sunday, I didn’t like running after 8 am and so I planned to get up and go running before 7 but that hasn’t happened yet. This morning was another late morning run. I wore a hat to keep the sun off my face and I ran on the uptown sidewalk (the east side of the street) so I could be in the shade.
I ran down to the park, ran up the hill and then back.
My app paused somewhere around the halfway mark so when I went to record the run, I realized it was still on 2.6 miles. Oh well.
I am saving some of my energy for a long run tomorrow in honor of Running Day.
Hope you get a chance to run tomorrow too. You’ll be almost certain to see lots of people celebrating Running Day.
Yesterday afternoon, I saw this guy sitting in a tree.


This little girl’s helmet was so cute. It was purple with cheetah spots and ears. Loved it!


Green cabs are now a thing in NYC. The yellow cabs still ply the streets in Manhattan but the grouse was always that you couldn’t get a cab to go to the other boroughs – Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, mainly because the dab drivers knew they were unlikely to get a passenger to come back to the city. The green cabs run the boroughs too so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. But it’s still weird to see non-yellow cabs in NYC.


Some of these apt buildings seem to have their own little oasis. Look at all that greenery at the top.


Interested in starting a little business in Harlem? Here’s an option for you.

20140603-121945-44385570.jpg</a l

And my lunch salad today.


Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT!

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