Running Mates

Running Mates is my newest project. I’ve been inspired by the foodie penpal service hosted by Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean blog –  people sign up and get matched with a stranger (new friend) and exchange some favorite food items. This month, I signed up for the first time and I am loving the experience. I’ll have to wait until June 30th to reveal the contents of my box (Foodie Penpal rules) but the whole experience got me excited and I’d like to host a similar exchange for runners.

gifts for runners

I know everyone isn’t like me but I do know that everyone (or almost everyone) loves getting gifts.

Gift Exchange

So the idea behind Running Mates is simple. Sign up (I just need your email) before June 30th July 5th and I’ll match people in a gift exchange – you give to the same person who gives to you. Gifts must be running or fitness themed; headbands, tank-tops, products samples, your favorite sock brand, sweatproof sunscreen, are just suggestions of gifts you can give to your running mate. Spending limit is $15.

gifts for female runners

When you receive your match, you email them and exchange contact information so you can mail your gift to your running mate. You’ll have 10 days to do that, so you mail your gift by July 15. By July 25, everyone should have received their gift and be ready to share their experience so we can start over the next month.

Are you interested? I hope so. Just comment below to sign up. Include your email address and when you get matched, you can exchange your contact info with your running mate. (if you’re not comfortable leaving your email address in a comment, send me an email at to sign up)

I hope you try this. I’m excited to host Running Mates and I look forward to exchanging a running gift with one new person very soon. #RunningMates. It’s a thing 🙂 Sign up now!



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  1. Count me in please, I’ll email you!


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