Garden Envy

Fifteen days ago, I planted a vegetable garden with my Pathfinders, the youth group at my church. The first week after planting, it rained almost every day so I didn’t have to water it. Last week, there was no rain, so I felt like a real farmer, watching the weather forecast to see if I would need to plan my next day around stopping by the community garden to water it. But the seeds are finally in various states of germination.
The squash plants emerged first and gave me hope that this was not just not a pipe dream but that the garden had real potential. (They are on the right edge of the box.)


Then the cress emerged. The cress plants are on the left side of the box. So one day I had nothing, then one day, the box looked lopsided. And then a few days later, it was balanced. And now, finally, all the seeds have borne seedlings, new plants that have been eagerly awaited.

Yesterday when I went by to water the box, I was greeted with full rows of cress, basil, tomato, carrots and squash plants and I felt like a proud parent. Granted, they are baby plants, so small you can’t even see them all in the picture. They have just a few leaves here and there, but they are proof that the cycle of life continues, proof that I might have a green thumb after all 🙂
This box with a bean trellis is my inspiration.

Honestly, it does more than inspire me. I am more than a little envious and wish we had planted earlier so we would have plants this size too. But we didn’t, so I have to be patient, and keep doing what I’m doing. Eventually, our plants will mature too.
The plants germinating has encouraged me to keep farming and I’m trying to figure out new spaces that I can plant even more veggies. I wonder if I can hang a box out my NYC apt window and grow some Jack-and-the-beanstalk type beans too.
I can’t wait to eat something that I’ve grown myself. It’s still a long way away but I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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