Waiting For Vegetables

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we planted our vegetable garden and I’ve been faithfully irrigating and nervously watching every new shoot.
This is on Day 1 of planting


Here, a “mere” 19 days later


Longest 19 days of history, a farming agony made slightly easier because the squash plants are doing so well



I feel like a nervous mom every evening I go to water them, checking my “babies” for new developments.
I even re-inspected the seed packets to see if the plants are growing on schedule.


I guess this is the way young mothers keep revisiting the baby books to see if their children are normal.
I know at the end of the season, I will have delicious veggies to eat. It’s a good thing I have other veggies to bridge the gap.
Waiting for veggies to grow is hard but it’s all in a bid to Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT!

Do you have a garden? Or flowers in a pot? How are they doing?

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  1. My squash (zucchini) plant is HUGE.. taking over everything in the garden! I planted the second week of may (but I bought the seedling) I have seen a couple tiny zucchini starting to form on there now.. They grow fast so I may be able to harvest them at the end of the week. Squash is very easy to grow.. you should have a good crop!


    1. runwright says:

      Oh my goodness. I am so EXCITED for you! I will be stalking your blog for pictures. 🙂 the joys of farming and making farming friends.


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