How Tim Howard Almost Made Me Run 16 Miles

The highlight and the low(light?) of yesterday was the World Cup USA vs Belgium match. It gave me such a range of emotions. I was so proud of the USA goalkeeper, Tim Howard, for all those saves, eventually, setting a world record for number of saves in a World Cup Match. I was disappointed that the US strikers missed two golden opportunities to score, happy that they eventually scored one, excited for every goal-scoring lineup, nervous for every Belgian goal-scoring lineup, nervous because my friends were at the match and I wondered if I would see them on TV and finally disheartened when the 2 hour long game ended with USA being out of the competition.
Only one thing could restore my faith in sports. Running.
I went for a short run. Just over 2 miles.One mile for every Belgian goal that broke my heart.
I’d decided I was going to run a mile for every goal Tim Howard gave up. Imagine if I was running a mile for every Tim Howard save, instead! That would have been 16 miles. I might still be running right now. Click here to read more about Tim Howard.



That’s some serious goalkeeping skills on display.
Now that the USA team is out of the World Cup, I can go back to being a recreational soccer-watcher, instead of planning my life around their games. I can start making real social plans with non-soccer-fans again 🙂
My mom just sent me pictures of my niece, Janelle, at her graduation yesterday. In Jamaica, kids have to take a GSAT exam to be placed in high school. My niece passed her exams so she’s heading to Black River High School in September. I am so proud of her. Here she is on graduation day, surrounded my her parents and grandmother – my brother, my mom and her mom -and then she and my mom. I wish I could’ve been there too. Maybe I can photoshop myself into the picture 😦


Getting ready for July 4th. It’s going to be a big outdoor weekend. Friday I go to a picnic in Connecticut, Saturday, our church is in camp meeting session again so we head to our camp grounds upstate and Sunday, I take the kids out to practice our camping skills as we prepare for our big camping trip in August. Every summer, I get a heat rash from my skin being exposed to the sun. I get the rash on my arms and neck if I’m not careful. So if you see me in long sleeves and a big floppy hat in 90 degree weather, you’ll know I’m not avoiding the tan, just trying to prevent the heat rash.
What are your July 4th weekend plans?

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