On Running Like a Girl

I run like a girl, not because I am weaker. I run like a girl because I AM A GIRL. I walk like a girl because I AM A GIRL. I think like a girl because I AM A GIRL. Everything I do is like a girl because I AM A GIRL AND I AM PROUD OF THAT!
Girls are strong. Not in the same ways that boys are strong. But the strength of a woman is an indomitable force, a force to be reckoned with, something special. Femininity is a gift from God, to be treasured, not to bury in shame.
I don’t reblog a lot but this post was truly deserving. Watch the embedded video and let me know what you think.

It's A Marathon AND A Sprint

Since when did “Run like a girl” become an insult?  Or “Throw like a girl”? Or “Fight like a girl”?  Or ANYTHING Like a Girl?  If you haven’t seen this ad, please watch it. Watch all of it. Then watch it again. Then share it. With everyone. When I first saw this ad, I had such a lump in my throat. I really did. What the hell happened?  It made my heart break.  At what point do little girls lose their confidence? According to this new ad from Always feminine products, it happens at some point during puberty.  Apparently, the girls they surveyed claimed their drop in self-confidence coincided with puberty and their first period; which is why the response of a 9 year old versus an 18 year old when asked the question is so drastically different. Sure. It’s a marketing campaign, a poignant one at that, whose intention…

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