What I Ate Wednesday

“What I Ate Wednesday” is an idea I am borrowing from a couple bloggers I read regularly. As part of the “Eat Right” focus of my blog, I am going to be featuring my meals for the past week on Wednesdays.
This week, I’ve been so busy that healthy-meal planning has taken a back seat. Thankfully, some of my regular meals and snacks are healthy. That’s what happens when you have semi-good eating habits – you don’t have to constantly think about finding healthy food because it’s already in your kitchen. I’ve been going for simple meals during the day and eating a big meal at night. Not good. But it’s what I’ve done.
Also, I’ve been trying to go easy on my stomach to make sure it’s well rested for the weekend barbecues and picnics 🙂 nothing like showing up to the all-you-can-eat picnic and not having room in your stomach for the delicious treats.
So these are the highlights of what I’ve eaten in the past week:

A warm summer salad made with sautéed mushrooms, baby Bok Choy and shaved corn.

Sliced banana, almond butter and chia seeds (everything tastes better when eaten out of a Minnie Mouse cup)

I’ve eaten lots of icees…. It’s been HOT here in NYC

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, I keep a bag of a lentils in my cupboard so I can make my awesome curried lentils recipe in 20 minutes if I don’t have anything else to eat. It’s healthy carbs and lens protein, great after a run. This Goya bag costs $1.69 at the supermarket, it tastes just like it’s more expensive cousin from Whole Foods, it’s easy to cooks, VERY good for you and it can last for months in the pantry.

I’ve also missed a few meals because I’ve been busy or distracted or just thirsty instead of hungry.

And I’ve eaten some delicious treats… Like this homemade Mac and cheese…

…and lots of avocado.

And here, an avocado-topped slice of yellow cake. Yummy!!!! I love to mix savory and sweet. I’m always in search of that umami taste.

So this is my first “What I Ate Wednesday” post.

What about you? What’s the best (or worst) thing you’ve eaten this week?

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